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Irene Chaucer

on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:08 pm
Name: Irene Chaucer

Gender: Female

Age: Thirty three

Order: Templar Commander

Appearance: Irene is five feet seven inches tall, she has shoulder length hazel hair, steel gray eyes, scars here and there from her battles with devils and a athletic body.

Personality: WIP

History: WIP

Pandora Crux: Incendia Pugnus.
Incendia Pugnus literally means Fire Fists and that is exactly what it does. When activated her fists will burst into flames that do not harm her and increases her strength. In its dormant state it takes the form of an amulet with a flickering red stone in the center that she wear around her neck.

Other Weapons and Items: Irene has a trinket from every Templar that died while serving under her. She currently has a ring wit the initials RG carved into it's stone, a set of dog-tags with the name Andrew Cameron, a pocket watch with the name Alissa Mobrey, a locket with two pictures in it, one with the name Randy written on the back and the other with the name Joanna on it, a necklace with the initials KM carved into it, five more sets of dog-tags who's names are unintelligible and revolver with the initials LS carved into the handle. She also has a bastard sword with the name of every devil she has killed carved into the blade and a set of partial plate armor with a white tabard over it.

Powers and Skills: WIP
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