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Yoshiro Mototori

on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:18 pm
Character Name: Yoshiro Mototori

Gender: Male

Age: 432 Years old (essentially immortal due to the fact that he is already dead..)

Race: Shinigami (God of Death)

Homeland: The Soul Society

Personality: He is kind to most people, very loyal to his old Sensei (Jushiro Ukitake),friends, allies (Visoreds), and Division. He enjoys a challenge, but dislikes war. However, even with his dislike for war, he will admit that some are quite necessary and will never refrain from drawing his blade and killing the enemy. He is fair and supportive of those Shinigami under him.

Appearance: Tanned skin, a long jagged scar running from forehead to left cheek bone, cropped goatee, Grayish-Blue eyes, dark black hair, up in a queue.

History: Yoshiro was born in Junrinon, District 1 of Rukongai. His parents owned a small general store and helped the population to recede from its depressing past. Upon meeting a mysterious man at the store, later found to be his future Sensei, Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of 13th Division, Yoshiro found that he had some bit of spiritual power. After his meeting, he was taught to use his new found powers. After months of training, Yoshiro realized that he wished to become a Shinigami. He was trained further and surprisingly acquired his zanapkuto and shikai under strict survival training. He was brought into the Shinigami Academy at the age of 15 and started school.
There he met many people and became friends. His best friends however, would be defined as Rukia Kuchiki, Mabashi Hasiba, Renji Abarai, Momo Hinamori, Izuru Kira, and Shuhei Hisagi. Getting through Academy proved to be a relatively easy, if not long task. Once graduated, almost 6 years early, Yoshiro was officially moved into the 13 Division Barracks of Gotei 13 and was promoted to 4th Seat. Hundreds of years had went by, and finally, the first of many disasters struck with the death of the 13th Division Lieutenant, Kaien Shiba. With his death came a grim promotion for Yoshiro, as he was the only one fit to take over the position. But, bad things soon come to an end, as the years went by.
Yoshiro had won great recognition as a powerful Shinigami and Lieutenant among his peers, especially in those of his best friends, who had since the Academy moved up in the ranks as he did. Renji had become the Lieutenant of 6th Division soon, and Izuru Lieutenant of 3rd. Momo became the Lieutenant of 5th Division, and Shuhei was the Lieutenant of 9th. Since the times in the Academy, the old friends still found time to spend with each other. But, soon, a second disaster would strike. Rukia Kuchiki, still a member of 13th Division, became imprisoned due to law breaking in the World of the Living. This entire situation made the Invasion of the Ryoka (Foreigners), under the lead of Ichigo Kurosaki and company from the World of the Living, send the Soul Society into deep rooted chaos. Soon, the plot was seen, in that of the betrayal of former 5th Division Captain, Sousuke Aizen. Along with him, the 9th and 3rd Division Captains were deemed traitors. Aizen escaped into Hueco Mundo, and now the Soul Society is left in shambles. It has only been a year since Yoshiro was made the new Captain of 5th Division, and already, trouble seems to be brewing in the distant future. However, he never thought that the trouble he sensed would take place in a different place and time.

Clothing / Armor: Shihakusho (Garb of the Dead) [Aka, Black Kimono, with white Obi Sash.] White Captain's Haori with the Kanji symbol of "5" on the back[Outer Jacket].

Weapon(s): Zanpakuto, Name [Shikai]: Shiroikami (White Wolf), [Bankai] Hisame-Ouja Shiroikami (Hail King White Wolf) Command: Hyouketsu: "Freeze"

Extra Gear: None

Special Abilities / Powers:
  • High levels of Kidou training can use #'s 1-99.
  • Yoshiro can use Shunpo (flash steps) in long and short distances.
  • Shikai / Bankai effects will be shown in game.
  • Visored Powers
  • Captain Level Reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure)
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Re: Yoshiro Mototori

on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:24 pm
[APPROVED], but we talked....
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