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Overview on OM

on Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:03 pm

The first age of Ryerdae has ended with the assassination of the Ryerdaen Emperor, Polius IV. He had kept the land in a condition of peace, harmony, and safety. Afterward however, chaos swept back over the land. Economic conditions grew worse, as the land went into a recession. The Six Feudal States of Ryerdae soon seceded from the Empire which kept them together, and their local rulers either took over the state, or fought local nobles for power. Monarchies began to sprout up, and the once peaceful land finally succumbed unto chaos. The only way to possibly reinstate the land back into order would be to decipher the Oracles Mandate.

The Oracles Mandate… an ancient set of stone tablets that have been looked away within an Ayleid Ruin deep underground in the Netherworld Region of Ryerdae. The Ayleids were the first race to inhabit Ryerdae, but have long since been extinct. Their presence however remains in their ancient ruins that still can be found throughout Ryerdae. They, the high civilization that has since then perished, created a set of Holy tablets that govern the world in which the people of Ryerdae live. They hold unspeakable powers, and will only be handled by those with the purest of hearts. The tablets were last seen in the very start of the first age (RFA 100), by a Ryerdaen explorer. Soon enough, due partly to mans greed and curiosity, the tablets were taken by him, and kept within a deep vault. The explorer was none other than Polius I, who became the first Emperor of Ryerdae.

In RFA 737, the Great Siege took place in the Imperial Capital of New Tempera. Emperor Polius III had ruled for 75 years, and had finally died. An invasion of foreign peoples from outside of Ryerdae, called forth his untimely death in his high chamber. The siege lasted for four long years, and the city was near ruin. One lone High Imperial guard fought gallantly upon the giant bastion walls of the city, and was called down by a young boy. It was none other than Polis IV. He was only fifteen at the time, but knew much of Ryerdaen history. The High Guard came down to Polius’ side and looked upon the future Emperor. Polius IV pointed to the Imperial Palace. Upon approaching the palace, a mysterious aura surrounded the city for less than a second. Polius ran along with the Guard down a series of vault stairs and into the deep chambers beneath the Palace. A large door, crafted from the hardest of metals stood alone at the end of a dimly lit stone hallway. It was ajar. The two entered and found that the Oracles Mandate was gone, and that there was no trace of anyone else being within the room.

Thus, the war ended. After the odd disappearance of the Oracles Mandate, the invading army retreated with malcontent. As if the Mandate never existed, the Imperial line, continued as it was. Reconstruction took over twenty years, and when it was finally done, the land started to return to peace. That was… until Polius IV assassination. The land can only become whole again once the Oracles Mandate is retrieved. If it is taken however by any force of evil… the world will no longer be in balance, and all shall be thrown into a state of Oblivion. It is up to the few, those with a stalwart disposition, and a heart of purity. The task of finding a Mandate that no longer exists upon the earth will not be an easy one, but it must be done, for the good of every living thing of Ryerdae.
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