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Ethan Wright [ OBJECTION! ]

on Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:09 pm
Name: Ethan Wright
Theme Song:Awakening the Chaos
Nickname: None
Age: 11
Sex: Male

A short kid who may be only around 5'1" with no real muscle's at all except ones that little kids may have. He is has blonde hair and blue eyes, but he always is wearing darkend colored googles. He wears a white muscle shirt and black cargo shorts and a pair of child combat boots. He has a gun holster to the right side of his waist.


Ethan is unlike most eleven year olds who are snotty and have little to no sense of maturity. He is usually very mature when around adults, but alone he is silent and barely says a word. Though even though he is mature for his age, he is still a kid and will act like one at times, but only when it is allowed or seems to be okay.


Ethan was just always alone, he had been since he was around 7. He had no real memory of what had gone on and why he was all alone, but that was the way it worked for him. To be honest he really didn't notice the difference as it had always been that way. He would find random people why walking around this wasteland just meeting them and having them help him out, but then the next morning he would never want to be with people for more than a day so he left. He had picked up languages pretty good and he could understand a few different ones so that was a perk on being on your own you have to learn different languages.

Sometimes the people who would help him he would steal from and that's how he had obtained his weapon, a G-18. Sure it was small, but that was perfect for him. He literally took every clip and accesory they had for the gun. They had bigger guns so he really didn't mind to much, but it was a good thing he did. One day when he was taking a stroll around the land when a few bandits came by. This was there attempt to take something seeing as how they have been having a string of bad luck. SO THEY THOUGH TAKING FROM A KID WAS A GREAT PLAN.

They were wrong, this is when he figured out his Invader Gene. As the bandits were coming forward he snapped his fingers to point at them and yelled stop, but as he was yelling this out when he snapped his finger's they seemed to have sent out a spark which then combusted into a large flame that shot out like a flamethrower. It kept burning the guys until all that was there was a few bits of charred bodies and a lot of ashes. He had burned the guys to death, but it took so much out of him to hold it for that long.

He had fainted, when he had gotten back up a man was there who had appearantly picked him up. The boy had appearantly been out for a whole day from when he picked him up. So the boy thanked him and stayed with him for just one night, but at the rise of the sun the boy was off again into the harsh land of today.

Skills: He is skilled in a few languages so he can act as a translater.
Invader Gene:

Pyrokinesis: ability to create or to control fire.

Ethan has the ability to create fire from snapping his fingers which will make a spark. Once this spark has come out he is able to create the fire which comes from the spark and the air combusting. Once it is combusted it is able to go into a few different forms.

Fireball: He shoots a ball of fire, only about 2 feet is diameter.

Flamethrower: A flame comes out in a continuous blast. It is about 7 feet long and 2 feet high. Takes a bit out of him now.

Overheat: Where he uses the fire not to create a blaze, but to heat up the area around him to a high temperature to slow them down from the extreme heat. Takes everything out of him.

Gear: Just his goggles to protect him from the blaze.
Weapons: G-18: The weapon of awesome.
Other Items: A harmonic that he stole from some random man.
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Re: Ethan Wright [ OBJECTION! ]

on Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:33 pm
Approved, sparky.
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