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Races of Forios

on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:44 pm
Dark Elves - Evil Elves with pale skin and dark hair. They are enemies of the noble High Elves. The Dark Elves are immortal and can live for ever.
High Elves - Good hearted Elves with fair skin and light colored hair. They are enemies of the evil Dark Elves. The High Elves are immortal and can live for ever.
Wood Elves - WIP. Wood Elves have an average life-span of 1500-2000 years.
Shadow Elves - Dark skinned Elves. The Shadow Elves have an average life-span of 2000-3000 years
Dwarves - Short long-bearded bear drinkers. Dwarves have a life-span of 700-1000 years.
Orcs - Eight feet tall green killing machines. No one knows how long Orcs can live for.
Trolls - Sixteen feet tall smashing machines. No one knows anything about Troll life-spans.
Goblins - Short intelligent stabbers. Goblins have an average lifespan of 300-500 years.
Hobgoblins - Average semi-intelligent warriors. Hobgoblins have an average life-span of 250-300 years.
Humans -Average average. Humans can live form anywhere between 70 years to 300 years.
Halflings - Short hairy-footed pipeweed smokers. Halflings have a life-span of 100-150 years.
Gnomes - Short bearded lame-people. Gnomes have a life-span of 150-250 years.
Tieflings - WIP
Demons - Evil demons of evil, scourge of the land, etc. Demons live forever.
Archrians - The Archrians are a race I created, they have no magical potential but they make up for this by having some of the strongest armor in the world and natural resistance to magic. They now control the largest Empire in Forios after their return fifty eight years ago and they have the best navy. Their vessels are two stories high and armored plated. In appearance they have gray skin, stand about eight feet tall and have either black, gray or white long hair, the females are less muscular then the males but still make very powerful foes. They have an average life-span of 500-1000 years.

This is just temporary till I get he more detailed info up, send me a PT for more info about certain races...
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