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Dante De Luca

on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:45 pm
Dante De Luca



Devil Hunter


He is a tall Sicilian man who has brown hair with white highlights and his eyes are ocean blue. He is very masculine and has two birth marks on each different shoulders each with a different symbol that can not be translated. He wears a black trench coat with black sunglasses, the interior of the black trench coat is white and the fedora on top is white with a black stripe


He is a calm guy who likes to talk but sometimes he is very on the defensive side when certain people jokes about him. He sometimes feels angry that he is part devil and feels as if he is evil.


Dante is no ordinary human because he is half human and half demon, he never liked the idea for being part devil and this taunted him in his early life, he say his mother killed by a very infamous devil and that made Dante want to be a devil hunter. He trained for 5 years and when the day came he found the devil and killed it, it was the first evil soul that made his sword unlocked its Malvagio side. After two years later of killing demons he found himself in a tough situation, he killed a small time demon but the victim was still alive and in very much pain, Dante knew he would die but could not allow the death of a innocent to be painful, he stabbed the victim and the Santità side was released , the souls of the killed were cleanse and released them into the air, the human victim passed on peacefully. Till this day he trying to unlock the Santità side but only comes in to certain events

Pandora Crux:


Sin is a dual blade sword where each blade has old writing that cannot be translated but it is myth that the left side is the language of Heaven while the right side is the language of the underworld (Hell). The swords ability affects Dante two ways each with different names


When this happens the surroundings of Dante turn dark and wave like a fire, Dante becomes very aggressive and the blade itself changes as well. The middle section were there is no blade turns dark neon red which can be considered all the evil souls that were killed by the blade, when the blade is swung it slices the air creating a sonic boom effect hitting anything in its path. If the blade penetrates into a body as if stabbed the red blade or the evil spirits shoot out of the enemy shaping a star killing them


When this happens (this is rare) the blade becomes sleek and shining with a white flame, the captured evil souls are cleanse into the air creating star blinks in the air, Dante becomes very excellent at blocking and his surroundings become very slow. The blade itself vibrates at very high-speed able to cut alot of things and makes very clean cuts. When the blade is stabbed into the enemy the blade disappears and killing the enemy painless, once the fight is over the blade comes back into its retraction form

Retraction Form

The blade will retract into a black stone with one side black while the other side is white, (You can see it in the picture where there is a black stone between the blades and hilt

Other Weapons and Items:

The Hinge Pistol

Powers and Skills:

Flash Step

He can move instantly in 1 second that sorta make him teleport but the problem is that he can not move more than 5ft per Flash Step

He is excellent with his pistol and his special sword but not a true pro at it, he is known to be good at pick-pocketing and lock-picking
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Re: Dante De Luca

on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:25 pm
Okay, this is looking in order. Sword is just the kind of crazy super stuff I'm looking for, and I like how the Flash Step is limited. Pistol's a bit weird, but I think I can get over that.

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