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Alexandru Dragomir

on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:49 pm
Name: Alexandru Dragomir

Gender: Male

Age: Three hundred and seventy one

Race/Ethnicity: Transylvanian (Vampire)

Appearance: Although he is old he only appears to be about in his early thirties, his face was flawless but now he has three long cuts running across his face from his forehead to his chin, he has blood red eyes, long black hair and a very fine black suit with a long cloak.

Personality: Alexandru is very open about his thoughts and likes to talk, however when it comes to feeding time he is very quite and lashes out against those that anger him ever so slightly. He loves a good party and can't help himself form flirting with pretty women.

History: Alexandru is a pure Vampire, he was born into a noble clan of Vampires. He was raised to fear nothing and that all mortals were his prey. When he was about one hundred years old he took control of his clan after killing his father and anyone else who stood in his way. His powers grew with each victim he claim and soon he was second only to Dracula himself. However it did not last...

Dracula took a liking to one of his brides and demanded Alexandru give her to him, however Alexandru loved her and refused knowing what could happen. Dracula in his rage attacked Alexandru and stripped him of his powers leaving three cuts across his face that would never heal and he slew the Vampire that he was trying to win in the firs place. Alexandru was allowed to live as an example of what happens to those that cross Dracula. He was alone, none of his kind would help him and he was still hunted by hunters. He took to wondering the world and was last seen taking a ship to America.

Weapons: His fangs, a rapier and his claws.

Miscellaneous Items: None
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Re: Alexandru Dragomir

on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:56 pm
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