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Justice the Homunculus

on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:12 pm
Name: Justice

Gender: None

Age: Unknown

Race/Ethnicity: Homunculus


Justice has no true appearance all it appears as is a gray body that is around 5"8' and is a muscular frame, his face is just a mouth that seems to have no opening as it is just a gray hole in his face that can open and shut. His eyes are another thing entirely they can see, but that do not look like eyes at all they appear as spirals on his face. It shows no sign of gender at all.


Strictly a sense of Justice that is all he really feels along with the other basic emotions that a human might have. At all times he shows signs of true Justice and will destroy those who are unjust.


A Homunculus is an artifical person that can be created. Justice is one of few in the world that have been created. He had gained a Virtue known as Justice for his emotion to carry out. This is the reason for his name of Justice. He was the first Homunculus that had ever been made making him the older brother of the other ones.

He has been walking Europe for over 1000 years now taking out all who are unjust in their actions. Becoming somewhat of a silent guardian for people who live in this world. He has been injured countless of times, but thanks to his ability he has been able to survive all of his injuries and recover in a matter of seconds.

His fist and his special ability in which his right arm is able to break apart into strips and grab the opponent.

Miscellaneous Items:
Just the Philosopher's Stone inside of him.

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Re: Justice the Homunculus

on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:37 pm
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