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Prologue Summary

on Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:10 pm
In case you missed out on the action or just want a quick reminder, this topic is the place for you I will post a brief summary every chapter for your utmost convenience so you don't have to read all of the pages! These summaries will only give the necessary information needed to catch up, so I will not be naming many characters or saying specific injuries they received. If you wish for a more detailed run down, you'll have to read up on the actual chapter. But anyways, here is my short summary...


At night in a lone ghost town of Transylvania, a man named Carlos sits alone, waiting until midnight when a band of revenants are supposed to appear. As he waits, other hunters, a half-werewolf, and a Vampire end up at the same town and Carlos convinces them to work together and fend off the upcoming enemies, as it is too dangerous to travel alone at night in these lands.

Soon after, midnight strikes and skeletal warriors rise out of the ground weilding bony swords and other weapons. The newly formed group fends them off easily and a couple other hunters join the fray after a while. When the fight seems a bit too easy, fifteen giant skeletal warriors with maces rise out of the ground and join the fight against the hunters, evening the odds.

The giants were much harder to fight and gave the company many injuries, but in the end they were destroyed and the horde of skeletal warriors went back to where they came from. Carlos gathers the hunters before him and asks if they would like to travel together for a while to a town where a place called the Cathedral lies. He says that it will provide medical supplies and a shelter for the night, so everyone eagerly accepts and they start their short journey towards the town of Tuefelsdorf.

~End of Prologue~
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