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Valkyrie Hane - Vengeful Tinkerer

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:37 pm
Name: Valkyrie Hane

Theme Song: The Price of Freedom

Nickname: Jiyuujin

Age: 20

Sex: She is of the Female persuasion.

Appearance: Average height, dark haired. Her hair falls slightly below her shoulders, although she is trying to grow it longer. Her brilliant blue-green eyes can seem to glow, although . She wears a black sleeveless turtleneck and black military style pants that are tucked into equally military combat boots. On her left shoulder is a black pauldron with a wolf symbol on it. Over her left leg is a small "half cape" that covers her leg. One her left arm is a sleeve. It is not known why she has the half-cape or the sleeve. She wears black leather bracers as well.

Personality: Quiet and observant, Valkyrie tends to seem stand offish and militant at most times. Despite this, she is very much a peace-preferring person, except when it comes to killing slavers or freeing slaves.

History: For most of her childhood, she lead a peaceful existence, working with random pieces of equipment and eventually showing veritable skill with technology and machinery. Coincidentally, this also lead her to learn some first aid skills. One day, however, while she was dealing repairs to a construction vehicle, an alarm was sounded, alerting the townspeople that slavers were near. Any one that could, took up arms against the slavers. Eventually, the slavers were driven off, but not without taking prisoners. It was shortly after this that Valkyrie found out that her brother was taken by the slavers. Thus she, angered by the loss of her brother, learned some martial skills from her father and other skills from her mother. Eventually, she was given the family heirlooms, among which were a katana and a rifle. Her parents, while fearing the worst, were supportive of her seeking out the slavers to rescue her brother or claim revenge.

Skills: Engineering, mediocre psychosomatics, slight medical skill, survival skills

Invader Gene: Telekinesis

Gear: Several diverse kits for medical, mechanical or technical purposes, sealed canteens designed to keep contained liquids cool or warm for several days.

Weapons: A katana with a wolf's head engraved above the hilt (Fenrir) and a bolt-action rifle with a small magazine (Dragon's Breath).

Other Items: The wolf's-head medallion on her pauldron, a silver ring with a small garnet. A medallion kept in a pocket that bears an imagine of a guardian of protectors.

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Re: Valkyrie Hane - Vengeful Tinkerer

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:16 pm
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