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Alan Radcliff

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:10 pm
Name: Alan Radcliff

Theme Song: Smooth Criminal

Nickname: Some people call him "Cliff," a shortened version of his last name.

Sex: Male...

Appearance: He is about 5'9 in height and is quite slim. He has shaggy brown hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a loose suit with a button down shirt and tie. He looks exactly like this.

Personality: He is fairly light-hearted about everything and doesn't seem to take much seriously. He is a very patient person and a good friend, once you get to know him.

History: Alan was born on the streets, fighting to survive. He didn't live with any parents, as they left him when he was a child, so he grew up stealing for a living. He grew very skilled in stealth matters and soon discovered he had the ability to turn invisible for certain amounts of time due to what actions he was taking. After a while, he was discovered man who caught him in the act of stealing his wallet. He pitied the child and adopted him, seeing as the kid didn't have any responsible parents. The man was a demolitions expert for hire, and he taught Alan many secrets and skills in that position. Soon, Alan became quite good with explosives, disarming or arming, and set off into the world on his own to get some good work.

Skills: [Stealth-Demolitionist/Chef] Stealth+++, Explosives ++, Cooking ++, Melee Combat +, Defense - - -

Invader Gene: Stealth Cloak. He has the ability to turn himself invisible for a limited time, depending on his actions. If he is just sneaking around, he doesn't really have to worry about his time length, but if he is doing an action, such as planting a bomb and stabbing an enemy in the back, he reverts to his visible form. He is not burdened much if he can't use it for a long time, as he is trained to be stealthy and hidden in any situation.

Gear: He carries a backpack with some food and other survival supplies such as: a sleeping roll, a med-kit, and a few nick-knacks.

Weapons: He has a combat knife that he holds dear to. His other weapon is a custom built sub-machine gun that has a suppressor attached on for quieter shots.

Other Items: He has a few cigarettes that he rarely smokes.

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Re: Alan Radcliff

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:16 pm
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