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Thales Khalaf [The Leader]

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:00 pm
Name: Thales Khalaf
Theme Song: Knights of Cydonia
Nickname: Redcoat
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Appearance: A somewhat athletic individual of a modest height of five feet, eleven inches. Sports a mess of unkempt, jet black hair and permanent stubble; typically wears a set of dull brown-red coveralls with makeshift armour over the top. Always carrying an enormous backpack.
Personality: Thales is a determined individual, able to shrug off the greatest of hardships in the name of his goals and the greater good. As a leader, he is demanding and somewhat high-strung, but intelligent and alert, earning great respect from those under him. His list of enemies, however, is a long one, each more powerful than the last--he walks a thin line. His skills as a marksman and survivalist are unparallelled, though several close calls with the Invader have given him his fair share of paranoia and a pronounced fear of sudden ambush. His intellectual pursuits also leave him with plenty of knowledge of the world around him, though he is no scientist.
History: Thales grew up around Avok, a small trader settlement a fair distance from Lonviderry, one of the main Habitats. At eighteen, he entered the salvage business, selling to cities the remnants of the civilization of old. He was quite successful in this endeavour until he and the rest of his group were ambushed by rivals inside the ruins of Londium; the group escaped, but were mercilessly hounded for three days before losing their tormentors. Only a lucky few survived; Thales, in particular, received from this a case of paranoia. He now leads his own team on similar missions, it being the only sort of life he's ever known.
Skills: [Leader], Survivalist+++, Marksman ++, Culinary +
Invader Gene: Superhumanism (Thales' body is much more durable than average; accordingly, he has a hardened skeleton and is host to superior physical strength.)
Gear: Backpack, maps, a rope and grappling hook, medical supplies, some food rations, sleeping bag
Weapons: Primarily uses a Melior RP-7 Repeating Rifle with a ten-round magazine of 6.5mm Grendel ammunition. Also carries a D'Marr revolver carrying six rounds of .357 ammunition, with a central breech-loading barrel that breaks open and can fire a single 12-gauge shotgun shell before reloading. Thales also carries a combat knife and utility knife alongside a special shockbat, and carries a number of homebrew grenades.
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