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Udea Tatsuma

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:29 am
Name: Udea Tatsuma ( English Way: Tatsuma Udea. )
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Tatsuma has deep brown piercing eyes placed upon a stern looking face. He has medium long black colored hair that comes down to the middle of his nose, but is moved out of the way so it doesn't get into his eyes. He has a long, lean, and muscular body frame to him, this way he can move with ease and strike with power. He is seen wearing a black robe to cover the top part of his, while he wears Hakama around his legs. Around his waist is a large black sash to hold his blade.


Tatsuma is very much a pacifist and only fights if it is truly needed as he does not want to hurt anyone. He fears that if he hurts people again he will go down the path he went before. The path that made him sinful. He will never attack an oncoming attacker and usually only attacks when others are in danger.


Tatsuma himself never had to experience the war for himself as he was only seven at that time. Though there was one thing that he was able to experience and that was the lost of a father. When he was seven a man came home and told him and his mom that his dad was dead. Killed in the line of duty. Tatsuma who was very irrational at the time, grabbed his father's old Nodachi and ran away from home leaving his mom a goodbye note.

He ran and ran and ran. Running away so far from home that he had no idea where he was at. He was lost in the world, he was also alone with no one else around him, and he was hungry as he had not eaten for days. He crashed on the side of the road. That's when three men walked up to him and took him back to there home.

These three men were brothers of a family known as the Udea. The Udea took him on as one of there own. They began to teach him the ways of the sword, but they were only a mediocre sword family so they did not teach him all that well. He began to learn new stuff each and every day. He finally became one of the best in the house, but then at the age of 13 he began to reject there style of teach.

The teen took up his own style that was actually pretty good. He began to go around the family and duel every single one of them. Finally he had gotten so good the family said that they were finally done. Tatsuma bowed to them then left for the life of a Samurai. Sadly that never did happen for Tatsuma as he began to slowly slip to the wrong side of the world. Become more and more vial each and every day.

Tatsuma would go around and basically be a hired worker. If someone needed to be killed then he would slice their head off and get his money, if someone needed something to be stolen he would bust in there and kill them all just to get what they needed, no matter what the job was it was nothing for Tatsuma as he would do all he could in this world. He had become a greedy and selfish teen. He was basically doing whatever it took to survive in the harsh world.

Finally his world came crashing down on him like a solid brick wall. He was assigned to go kill some middle aged lady who had been causing trouble for a gang as they were selling children. Tatsuma not caring about why she was doing went there to go kill the lady then com back to claim his prize. As he walked into the ladies house, she would turn around and smile at him for a moment. Tatsuma's blade just lunged through her stomach. Then he looked up at was his mother. He had killed his own mother. He pulled the blade back and just looked at her. Even though she was being killed by him the final breath she took was to say " I'm sorry. ", Tatsuma was ripped in two as he stared at his mother. He took her lifeless body into the back and buried her. All he could do was cry.

After that moment Tatsuma knew that he had to change his life and stop doing this. This was not the way to go. He had committed terrible and terrible things and is reminded of them each and every day of his life. Though now he lives a more honest life going around town to town just helping people when they need some assistence and only usually take a small cash fee.


Nodachi- Lucifer-
The reason why his blade is named Lucifer is to remind him each and every day of the sins that he had committed this way he does not make the same mistake twice. He has to remember his family with the blade seeing as how it was his father's blade so it also remind him of the happiness of back then.

It has a deep black sheath with the same colored hilt. The blade is a rare Nodachi as it is also a double edge blade. The weapon is around 3" long and is somewhat wider then other ones.

Fighting Style:

Tatsuma using a style that is his very own and is a reflection of his life. It really is just a bunch of different styles all thrown into one and is able to adapt to different situation. If he needs something fast then he is going to work fast, if he needs defensive then it is going to be defensive, ranged he can do it. It is a perfect style for someone like him.
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Re: Udea Tatsuma

on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:05 pm
Another tragic backstory! Now this is feeling authentic!

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