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Salvatore De Luca

on Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:55 pm
Name: Salvatore De Luca

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race/Ethnicity: Sicilian

Appearance: 6.2ft / 220lbs, Very Athletic, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair,Italian Accent* He wears sunglasses that are tinted red, black blazer, black formal pants, black loafers, white formal shirt under the blazer, red tie, black fedora.

Personality: He is a very clever man and very smooth when he talks. He enjoys drinking and hanging out with people. Salvatore enjoys to be the center of attention until he works. When he works he avoids any signs that people can remember. He never holds back and is one of the best liars to where he can con a con-artist. He believes in winning and does not care for moral grounds because he believes that everything is timed so when he kills its already been known to God.

History: Born in Palmero, Italy. He grew up in a family that is part of the Cosa Nostra working as their assassins. His ancesters were assassins and were the best, when he turned 13 the right age to be trained part of the families legacy as assassins. He trained and trained until the age of 21 where he received the family crest weapons. A custom knife shaped as a cross called the Del Luca knife. He served the mob for 5 years the mob was in a war with the other families, his Don sent Salvatore to America in order to be safe from the war that is happening with the other families and the governments crackdown on the mob. He is enjoying America by getting drunk and performing hits on people who are easy to kill.

Weapons: 13in Platinum Assassin Wrist Blade, Silver Ice-Pick, 2 Steyr M1912 Pistols, and De Luca's Cross Knife (The Knife Is Shaped As The Cross Made Out Of Platinum, The Two Blades Are Foldable And Hidden But One Released It Creates A Triangle Where Two Blades Form The Shape, Cross Is 15 Inches Tall & 7 Inches Wide, The Blade Is Made Out Of Silver Diamond Cut Tip, The Blade Has A Interior That Contains Liquid Mercury, The Mercury Is Released When The Blade Is Swung At A Downgrade Angle And Cuts The Mercury Enters The Wound)

Miscellaneous Items: Zippo Lighter, Canteen, Fake Passports, Lock-Pick Set
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Re: Salvatore De Luca

on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:24 am
Good, good, good. You are now... *drum roll*

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