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Mr Kano Gato

on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:04 pm
Character Name: Kano Gato

Age: 34

Appearance: He is tall (6'3) and muscular. He has no hair and a goatee . He has a black blazer with a white polo on, black long pants, gold Rolex, and black loafers

Personality: He is a chill person, though he can be a bit a dick at times. He gets along with others well, though he doesn't trust people too quickly. He likes to be with friends but he might do certain things solo

Misc Items: Gold Rolex, Duffle Bag, Zippo Lighter, And a Box of Cohiba Reds

History: Born in Southern Nigeria with a family that would smuggle guns into the country in order to supply the rebels. He grew up working where he had no play time but working was forced upon him. He would carry diamonds through border to border and would sell it to the black-market. When he turned 13 his mom and father was killed when the Nigerian Special Forces attacked a rebel owned bar and they got in between the crossfire. He moved to Europe since his parents saved around 59,500 Euros and the diamonds they got paid in made him wealthy for his age and he attended to school and once he got out he worked in a Swiss Bank by managing the clients and hiding some of there money for tax dodgers

Occupation: Swiss Bank Manager

Special Skills: Accounting, CPR Training, Hiking, Cooking
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Re: Mr Kano Gato

on Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:33 pm
Just make sure to read up on previous posts and the pre posting info before you join.

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