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Re: Chapter 1: A New Saga Begins

on Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:23 pm
Tien and Fenrir stood behind a wall, the AT-STs, which numbered at least three, keeping a tight watch over the area.

" exactly do we get past this?"

"I don't--Ah yes! The Rising Sun. We can call it via the slave system."

"Good point. I'll deal with this..."

Tien quickly tapped a few coordinates into her wrist gauntlet. There was an uninterrupted span of five minutes of nothing but the clanking from the walkers.

Then, a silent roar came up, much reminiscent of a dragon's. This was followed by an ARC-170 flew in, unleashing Hell on the AT-STs with a flurry of missiles and laser blasts. It was gone as quick as it came, and the square was as silent as a funeral progression.

"That does it for those walkers."

"Fenrir...You know how to give something some serious kick..."
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Re: Chapter 1: A New Saga Begins

on Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:04 pm
After about an hour or two of fighting, a noticeable change came over the amount of troops running into the allies. There seemed to be less and less Stormtroopers advancing on their positions. The AT-ST walkers had long since fallen silent after Tien's ARC-170 flew overhead. Karei stood motionless in the center of the main road of Mos Eisely. Bodies of dead Stormtroopers littered the road. A few Clones still stood by her, looking all around for any enemies, however none came. Karei jumped to a roof and shielded her eyes from the bright sun. He scanned the cityscape, looking for that telltale white armor of the Imperials. However... she saw nothing.

"I don't like this. We have possibly only taken down around two hundred Imperials... and by all information, there should be more. Where are they?" Karei asked no one in particular.

She jumped down from the roof of the sandstone building and walked to the Clone Troopers. They saluted and stood at attention.

"Orders, General?" The lead Clone asked.

"Yes. follow me." Karei answered as she strode forward.

Her plan was to link back with Tien and her forces. She had an idea of where those last Imperials might be, but it would be an arduous task.
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Re: Chapter 1: A New Saga Begins

on Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:18 pm
Areta Octhar walked briskly to the docking bay. There were many ships parked in lines, mostly small ones. She made it to The Fortune, her private ship, and jumped into the cockpit, turning the vehicle on for flight. She wondered what horrible things Dro Zand had done since she had left him. It was impossible to think that a pure hearted man such as Dro could turn to the Dark side with nothing but revenge on his mind.

Areta quickly exited the bay and set her course for Telos IV, a very obscure planet with Jedi grounds that were assumed to be deserted. She took a deep breath and then went full speed ahead to exit the atmosphere of Coruscant and start her travel in the dark reaches of space...

An hour later...

The flight was going smoothly so far, but she could not stop thinking about what she would do. She was afraid that Dro would want to kill her once he saw her. Would she have to fight him and take his life? She certainly hoped not, but it could be the only option of saving him from the Dark side.

After a few minutes she found herself in an asteroid field. The floating rocks smashed into each other and bounded in all directions, but Areta avoided them with ease, dodging aside every so often. She suddenly heard a beeping noise on her radar. A ship was approaching her. It seemed to be the same size of hers. I wonder who it is, she thought to herself calmly.

The other ship flew closer and closer to The Fortune until it was tailing it little ways away. Areta tried to maneuver a little, but the ship stayed on her.

"What do they want?" she said aloud, a hint of fear and frustration in her voice.

In the other ship, a man wearing the garb of a bounty hunter, locked onto his target.

"Say goodnight," he said, pressing the button to fire missiles. The seeking missiles flew from the ship towards Areta's ship, ready to destroy her in a single blow...
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Re: Chapter 1: A New Saga Begins

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