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What Happened in the Last Games? ANSWERS HERE!!

on Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:41 pm
I am sure that all of the newest players here would love to ask me this question:

"What exactly happened in the last three games?"

Well, I'll can answer that, as I played through all of em', not only that, but I made the third one. Any Veterans to the games, like myself, will be able to answer any of your questions that you may still have. In other words.. ask Myself, Cardolan, or Khamul if he ever signs back on. Khamul is actually your best bet, since he was the co-creator of the first game.

Here is the information that you have been craving:

To start, here is a list of the major characters and what they did in the first game. I won't be able to remember them all, because not only was the first game over 480 pages long, but I can no longer get onto Pandy to look at the character profiles. So, bear with it in mind that I am going by memory.

Darth Sidious and Vader, were the main NPC villains in the game, and throughout this entire series. I believe that the series itself followed up from the Clone Wars and into the initial creation of the Galactic Empire. Therefore, they would be the major antagonists behind the scenes.

Darth Slayer, played by the founder of SW Last Stand of the Jedi Order, Jonny, was the major antagonist throughout the first game. He was the apprentice to Vader, long before Galen Marek. He was one of calm exterior, but a very muddled interior. He seemed sometimes to act in the very line between evil and not, although in the end, he was indeed pronounced evil. His goal, and that of the Empires was to collect a set of ancient shards that would later be formed into an Ultimate Weapon of mass destruction. When I say mass, think about a Nuke X 10. It has the calamitous ability to destroy entire planets... and so it did. The power of this weapon was seen at the end of the first game on the Planet of Yavin IV. His arch-nemesis throughout the entire game, was none other than Khamul's character, Mulzac Traavis.

Mulzac Traavis played by Khamul, was in the line himself between the side of Light and Dark. He seemed to always be combating Slayer in some way, shape, or form. If I had a way to get to Pandy's archives, I would probably link everyone to their last battle. But, these two characters actions throughout the entire game steered it in the direction that it went.

[The] Hood played by none other than TheElderGod, was also a major character, especially so in the third game installment, Star Wars - The Last Stand of the Jedi Order III: Revelations. He was a mystery character, being more or less a powerful Dark Jedi, and later known to be the leader of the powerful underground Legionnaires. By the end of the first game, it was revealed that Hood, was actually the lost brother to Darth Bain, another major Semi-Antagonist in the series. From the second and third installments, and after Bain's resurrection, Hood and his brother worked closely with each other, becoming close, and their forces allied. Hood was one of the very few survivors from the destruction of Yavin IV.

Darth Bain played by myself was an interesting character to develop. As the first game progressed, Bain become less of the OP'd character that he started out as, ask Khamul and Jonny... I did OP him a lot. But, LSoJO was probably one of the first forum game RP's that I really played over at Pandy, so.. give me some slack. XD

But, the way I portrayed Bain was as a powerhouse that any Sith Lord could be identified as such. He is also a mystery to some, as he would one day be fighting the Jedi, and the next be aiding them against the Empire. His mind is complex, and he is a character that you really have to wonder about, whether he is good or bad. By the end of the first game, he indeed did proclaim that he mistrusted all Jedi, but would rather fight with them, than the Empire. Therefore, his ambitions tend to outweigh the rift between the sides of Light and Dark. His ambitions however... are quite unknown, even to most of his followers.

As a couple of side notes, Bain is well over 100 years old, due to the fact that he has been killed twice, one by an ambush, again by The Ultimate Weapon and Slayer. His brother, as found out by the end of the first game is the Dark Jedi, Hood. Bain has a ideology that seems to entice those Sith free from the shackles of the Empire. He believes that all Sith should essentially stick together, and end the feud that seems to have been running on for ages, pertaining to the belief that all Sith Apprentices must kill their own Master to be considered a Sith Lord.

Darth Finrir, was played by the now very much missed, Captain Araujo. Finrir was I believe a loner at the first part of the game, until Bain took him in as an apprentice along side some notable others. Finrir was a Sith the entire time I think, and was quite skilled in the use of the Force. He was a loyal follower of the True Sith, and fought in every major battle, including the Last Stand at Yavin IV, dying alongside his comrades.

Darth Hult was another interesting character played by none other than Cardolan. He was a Sith, and also previously a Jedi, making him something of a hybrid character. He first fought Bain in Tatooine I think, and ended up becoming another faithful follower of the True Sith, being involved in major battles, including the assault on Hoth. Hult betrayed Bain by the end, and rejoined the Jedi, only to join back again before the Last Stand on Yavin IV. Hult was one of the very few survivors of the destruction on Yavin IV.

(Card, if I got anything wrong, please do tell me)

Leonidus "Leo" Pistro was another great character used by none other than Boom Boom. I actually have his registration from SS's game, so I will quote that:

Being a Padawan to Obi Wan Kenobi for a long time, Leo grew tired of Obi's trainings. He decided one day to go alone down to the Mos Eisley Cantina. For an..."early drink." Being only seventeen years of age, with barely any control over the force, a Bounty Hunter looked into Leo, and saw that he had potential. He payed Leo a great sum of money to kill his Master. In doing so, he would report back to the Bounty Hunter who would go back to the Emporer and get payed without having to do any work. Leo was given a blaster pistol and his lightsaber was changed to a red crystal. Now he is on his way back to Obi Wan Kenobi, to prove his worth.

Going further than this however, at the Cantina, Leo would soon meet Bain himself. They would become close allies and companions in the times to come, and Leo was the first of Bain's followers in the True Sith. Leo would go on to fight alongside in many various battles, until he betrayed Bain and became a recurring enemy. Leo and Bain always held a grudge toward each other, until both were destroyed along with Yavin IV during the last stand.

Darth Rade is played by Boom Boom as well. Rade is none other than the alleged son of the late, Leo Pistro. He, just as his father did, joined ranks with Bain, and became his new apprentice. Unlike his father however, Rade stuck with Bain, right up until the bitter end.

Hog Mutluk is played by Dombom. He was a loyal Jedi who usually fought alongside the ever notorious Mulzac Traavis. He is known to have been a large part in every major conflict during the first and third games.

(Dom, I need more info, help me out if you join)

There were of course so many other characters that I desperately wish I could remember, but sadly, I do not. I will add more if my veteran friends on here or MSN can tell me about others. However, as it stands, that is about it.

The Main Synopsis:

Star Wars - The Last Stand of the Jedi Order, a franchise founded by two members of Pandy, hit the largest record of awesome, for any Forum Game RPG that I have ever seen, or any Pandemite has ever seen. It tells of the major conflict, the objective of the Empire to collect a set of ancient shards from various planets in the galaxy, in order to subjugate its rule over all peoples. Battle ensues over all peoples after the emergence of the Empire, and thus the Jedi and Sith fight each other all over the galaxy. Various other heroes would make their debut into the war, aiding both sides, and soon a third, called the True Sith, an underground organization of the Sith, who would see an end to both the Jedi and Empire.

The three sides would battle many times over, and the reason of which were blurred to all but the highest officials in the Imperial Army. Soon however, the galaxy held its breath as the ambitions of Darth Slayer and the Sith Lords were made.. quite clear. The shards were starting to be collected by Slayer, all for the fell purpose of making an Ultimate Weapon, something that would spread fear all throughout the galaxy, and make the Empire, literally, immortal. In battles the Jedi and even the True Sith, a former enemy, would join up to stop Slayer's mad scheme. However.. this entire battle to stop the Empire, would end when the last shard of the weapon was collected upon the planet of Naboo. Slayer and Vader escaped the trembling grasp of the allied forces, and hope was almost lost.

The forces, although an overwhelming number when joined, were no match when it came to the Empires forces, and brute power. A final stand was established on the planet of Yavin IV, a jungle sphere littered with ruins of old civilizations, and the last bastion of hope for the allied forces. There, almost ever Jedi gathered along with the Rebel army. The True Sith, though reluctant to join them at first, was persuaded by Darth Bain, and thus stood against the Empire with the forces of Light. The Last Stand of the Jedi Order began on Yavin IV, in the conflict that either meant complete annihilation, or an amazing victory against the Empire. Slayer landed and did battle against his nemesis, Mulzac Traavis, and ultimately won, being able to escape once again to his ship. As Darth Slayer ascended from the battlefield in his ship, and watched the sides of Dark and Light clash below him, he retrieved the Ultimate Weapon, and thus brought about the end of the Jedi Order and the True Sith altogether.

The planet of Yavin IV exploded, bringing with it almost all of the people that fought courageously below. Those who escaped went into hiding, or took on a disguise in able to escape from the Empires clutches. The Jedi Order was "officially" wiped out, and the Temple on Coruscant fell into ruin for many years. The True Sith had been nearly annihilated, aside from the one person who escaped deaths cold vice. The True Sith commander, Commander Wroth, otherwise known to fellow Sith, as Darth Echo.

This is where the Third Game starts.. the second was a failure due to n00bs

Darth Echo, the one survivor of the True Sith, disguised himself and became a common Stormtrooper within the Imperial Army, which had since Yavin IV, subjugated nearly all of the galaxy under its power. In time, Wroth would be able to acquire certain ancient artifacts in order for his own ambition to be fulfilled. On his time off from the Empire, Echo was able to gather all of the artifacts, thus creating what he needed, a seemingly useless dagger.

But, this would be proven wrong, as Echo, being closely followed by another lucky survivor of Yavin IV years ago, Darth Hood, Bain's brother, landed on a surviving chunk of land, exploded from Yavin IV. Upon this piece of land, Echo commenced with the ritual and his ambition alongside Hood. From the ground, the Sith Lord himself, Darth Bain, was resurrected by Echo, in return for Echo's own life. He payed the ultimate price in order to achieve his ambition: consequently that was to reform the True Sith once more. Bain, now as strong as he was before his Second Death, possibly even stronger rose to the occasion and reformed the True Sith. He traveled to Utapao in a stolen starship along with Hood and his Legionnaires, recruiting the help of former allies, and thus raising a new and improved army of Sithtroopers. Since his death, an old friend on Utapao also resurrected Bain's old ship, the Galaxy Destroyer, although since then, it has been improved dramatically.

After months of hard work, Bain had created an army of Sithtroopers, 50,000 strong. In time, they would travel to the far reaches of the galaxy, landing at their old base of operations, Rhen Var. There, Bain erected a grand city for the True Sith, naming it Frigid Heath, a name that the True Sith enemies would never forget. Since then, small skirmishes between Rebels and Sithtroopers would take place, however, Bain has chosen to move underground and out of the lime-light, for his own reasons.

And thus, the new saga begins!

The True Sith has remained out of the public's eye since then, and Bain has been all but forgotten, still retaining the title of Demon from the populace of planets he had purged in the past. His followers however, have definitely not dwindled in number, as now his forces apparently number in the hundreds of thousands, only slightly less than another newly established faction, the Neo Republic.

The Neo Republic, has been founded since the fall of Yavin IV. A few Clones, who managed to escape the wrath of Vader's Fist, found their way to Kamino and have resurrected a new army, numbering over 1,000,000 Clones currently. It of course took many long years to complete, but they kept their presence unknown from the Empire the entire time. Soon, the Neo Republican Army made it's debut in a mass battle between the Rebellion and Empire, gaining the watchful eye of the Emperor, Darth Sidious.

Currently, battle is sporadic between the forces of Light and Dark, but the tide is in the favor of the Empire, as it always had been. The Jedi are reforming, and their eyes are ever pointed toward their old home on Coruscant. The Empire works to defend what it has taken, and is currently doing a grand job at that. But even with all of the battles, the staggering fear of coming face to face with The Ultimate Weapon still is dominant. The thought of another planet full of people being turned to debris is terrifying to say the least.

Slayer has since then died, as all people must. However, his son, almost a perfect copy to Slayer's demented self, has emerged as Vader's and Sidious' new apprentice. His goals are rigid, the very same as his fathers... galactic subjugation. His goals seem to be coming to fruition, unfortunately.

It is up to the few now, to decide the fate of the galaxy, will Light fade, and give way to everlasting night? Or, will the moral good prevail over the immoral? This is for the heroes and heroines of this tale to decide....
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