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The Idea Behind The Split

on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:40 pm
Ok, you lucky players who are now playing this new Last Stand of the Jedi Order, are now going to experience a new way that this story will be told. As veterans of the last three games can recall, the game was all on one thread, amazingly. Also, they were called forum games instead of RPG's. Well, this will be the first generation of Last Stand as a hosted RP, let's make this work.

I have been working on the plot, and was quite divided as to how I should spread this all out, but, in the end I came up with this idea:

The storyline will be split down the middle, and made into a main plot, and a sub-plot. The main plot will of course be what you, the players, will be mostly posting in. It is called The Conflict of the Galaxy. This will house all of the major battles and events that take place, as well as each and every characters personal story.

For everyone's information, any characters may start out by each other, no matter what side they are on, however I would recommend that you start battling each other a bit after my plot starts rolling. XD

Now, this is where things start to change from the original three games, this excludes SS's rendition of the Last Stand which was actually a prelude to the series. Anyway:

There is now another plot, a sub-plot if you will: The Conflict of the Underground. This will go over the story of the True Sith, the currently underground organization led by my own character, Darth Bain. This is more or less going to be the events, battles, and stories that all True Sith characters go through, until they make their "grand debut" into the galaxy once more. And players... I promise that YOU will have to decide if that's a good thing or not.

Either way, I will be narrating this story, just as Jonny and Khamul did before me, and hopefully I will do as great a job.

If anyone has any questions, do post them in the OOC topic below. Thank you.

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