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Plot Overview

on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:49 pm
Plot Overview:

With the turn of the century, four great factions, The Empire, The Neo Republic, The Rebels, and finally the ever notorious underground True Sith, gained the support of thousands of individuals since the great destruction of Yavin IV by the hands of Darth Slayer years ago. The Jedi, almost utterly annihilated by the hands the Imperial Sith, have regrouped and now are almost at their former strength. The Republic, long ago destroyed by the Empire, has suddenly resurfaced with the intent of toppling the oppressive regime and destroying the Sith with the help of the Jedi. The Rebels, ever fighting the Empire have swelled in numbers with the support of thousand of the oppressed peoples from various planets under Imperial control. But, Darth Sidious, and his underlings Darth Vader and the alleged son of Slayer, Darth Kismet have quelled any attempt for galactic freedom. An equally powerful group of.. certain people.. have been ever out of the spotlight, since the very starting of Slayer's mad conquest.. the True Sith. Yet the True Sith, under the apparently never-dying Darth Bain, Sith Lord of his own regime, have swelled their own numbers to be almost equal to that of the Neo Republic.

They had worked in the shadows, since Bain's stunning resurrection from his Second Death (as he refers to it). Since the near destruction of Hoth, Bain has limited his presence in the light, and has made almost no attempt as per usual, to mess up events between the larger powers. What is this man planning?

The only thing that could stop this horrible feud, is the destruction of The Weapon, made from the collected shards that Slayer took. The Weapon has the horrifying power to destroy entire planets, as Slayer demonstrated with Yavin IV. It is time someone take The Weapon from the Empire, and rid the galaxy of it's terrible presence once and for all.
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