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On the Various Force Powers

on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:38 pm

Players, as heroes they are, may indeed use THE FORCE if they so wish. Therefore, the available powers that they are able to learn and use, are as follows for each faction: (I did make up a couple. =D)


Force Push
Force Pull
Force Grab
Force Jump
Lightsaber Throw
Force Shield / Reject
Force Shockwave
Force Recoil (much like a shot of the force, acting as a bullet [very lethal])
Force Repulse
Force Speed / Run


Force Push
Force Pull
Force Grab
Force Jump
Force Impale
Force Lightning
Lightning Shield
Force Repulse
Force Recoil
Force Break
Force Crush
Force Choke
Force Reject
Force Speed / Run

True Sith:

All of the above Sith attacks, although lightning tends to be colored Red and in Bain's case, Black.

Original Attacks [are learn-able by both other factions sometimes after seeing a True Sith preform]:

Force Rapid Fire (augmented form of Force Recoil)
Force Affinity
Force Whirlwind / Tornado
Force Crater (blasts apart the earth below you, usually can be used as both an attack and diversion)
Force Whiplash (mainly used in conjunction with Force Lightning)

Dark Jedi:

Use a healthy blend of both Sith and Jedi moves. Can also learn the True Sith attacks. WARNING, because of mixed affinities, Dark Jedi are unable to master / use all force moves, as well as the fact that advanced force moves are weak at first and harder to master. Master Dark Jedi tend to be quite powerful however.
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