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On the Various Factions

on Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:14 pm

This is a list and display of all factions available to the player. It will house information telling about what the faction does, where they are in the galaxy, and what has happened to them since the destruction of Yavin IV, and the start of this new generation.


The Jedi are those who follow the Light Side. Their creed is formed around that of the moral good and well being of the people of the galaxy. For as long as there has been a Jedi Order, their headquarters has been based in the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. Since the dispatch of Order 66 by the hands of the newly established Empire, the Jedi had been nearly wiped out, and the Temple destroyed.

Since the destruction of Yavin IV, and the near destruction of the Jedi as a whole, they remaining ones had gone into hiding for many years, training those children found with a high Midichlorian count into becoming the new generation of Jedi. Currently, they have resurfaced back into the new Order, and are actively combating the Sith and Empire alongside the Rebel Army and Neo Republican Army.


The Sith are the polar opposite counter-parts to the Jedi. Their creed is based off of pride, greed, and malice. They have been along as long as the Jedi in terms of history, and have been as powerful. Since the beginning of the Empire however, more and more Sith have been subjugated under their regime, losing their freedom and independence to servitude. However, there still remains a small minority of Sith who have managed to escape the clutches of the Empire and have gone underground. Some have chosen to join the ever-charismatic Darth Bain and the True Sith, others continue their long road as lone wolves and thus are considered in the war, to be neutral.. although still targeted by the Jedi.

Dark Jedi:

The Dark Jedi are those force users who's affinity lies within the middle of the spectrum of Light and Dark. However, due to their odd mix of force affinities, they tend to be much weaker than one who lies at one end completely. They are able to learn some techniques from both sides, Sith and Jedi, and can become quite proficient with the basics. However, recently after the destruction of Yavin IV, there have been a growing number of powerful Dark Jedi, enough to be either a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior. They are able to use more advanced techniques with great proficiency.

Imperial Sith:

The Imperial Sith are those Sith who have been successfully subjugated under the Empire's power. They usually have lost their will to act out against their lack of independence and freedom, due to the power that Darth Sidious and his underlings hold. They are quite powerful, and many times become fanatic supporters, employing any Sith technique they are able with deadly accuracy. These are the Sith who fight the Jedi the most along with their Stormtrooper brethren.

Neo Republic Clone Trooper:

Previously, the Old Republic was completely destroyed with the emergence of the Empire and most notably Vader's Fist, the 501st. However, even with the decimation of the Old Republic, some clones were able to survive, driven underground only to wait many years to resurface. Once the few who did, they worked to reestablish the Neo Republic on the old headquarters of Kamino. After years of work, the Neo Republican Army was raised and made its debut against the Imperials in battle, actively joining the side of the Rebels and Jedi against the Stormtrooper menace. The new Clones, all wearing either the 1st or 2nd Phase armor, were indeed better trained than the Stromtroopers, and were able to defeat them. Currently, the Neo Republic is actively fighting against the Empire on many planets alongside their allies.

Imperial Stormtrooper:

The Imperial Stormtrooper is regarded as the menace to the galaxy. They are highly organized, and many time fanatic to a point for the Empire. They are characterized by all wearing the Imperial White Armor, mimicking the Old Clone Trooper armor. They are what make up the great majority of the Imperial forces, numbering well into the hundred thousands. Within their ranks, there are many sub-divisions of Stormtroopers, those being from Shock Troopers to Jet Troopers. They are, least to say, the most feared soldiers in the galaxy.

True Sith Sithtroopers / Sith:

The True Sith is made up of those who have traveled from all over the galaxy, or have been recruited, to fight alongside the highly charismatic Sith Lord who has evaded all power set forth to him from the Empire, Darth Bain. Both Dark Jedi and Independant Sith have joined the swelling ranks of True Sith follows, and under Bain's banner. Currently, the number of Sithtroopers, Bain's fanatically loyal infantry soldiers have swelled to the size of the Neo Republican Army in comparison. Sithtroopers, having many sub-classes and also the awesome ability to use basic Sith Force Techniques, are characterized by their Black Armor and the True Sith emblem with rests on all of their shoulders as identification. Most True Sith would never retreat unless ordered directly from Bain himself.

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