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INFORMATION - For those who are Projectile Weapon Users

on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:12 pm

Just as a Sith and Jedi miss their marks, so do you. Not all your shots will connect, therefore RP missing targets or shooting the wall by accident. Also
clip capacity is a must, therefore you will at some point have to reload, or you will run out of ammo.

Also, it is rare to see a clone / Rebel / Imperial who can use THE FORCE, those who can, are able to use the bare standards.. therefore if you are one
of those characters, keep the FORCE POWERS to the basics, aka push, pull, jump.

If you are a daring person, you MAY fight a Sith or Jedi, but remember it is not recommended unless they are learners / Padawans. REMINDER: Most normal
warriors are afraid of them, so just be aware, if you must fight one, RP cautiousness or fright. If you win the fight, it would NOT be strange to gloat,
at least until a powerful Sith / Jedi shows up. XD

Weapons can be anything from pistols to rocket launchers, just don't use anything that was not in the Star Wars universe. Also, gunmen with lightsabers
are EXCEEDINGLY RARE. Therefore, please refrain from using lightsabers unless there are few players who do. Vibro-Blades are a healthy alternative.

If you belong to any factions, you should try to adhere to their standards and warring methods. Fight like how you saw the Stormtroopers fight in the movies,
or how the Rebels / Clones fought. If you have never seen the movies, think American Civil War, but with a little more Guerrilla Warfare and laser weapons.

If you pilot anything awesome on the ground, like a AT-AT or it's equivalent, remember that YOU ARE THE MAN! But, even THE MAN can make mistakes and get their
head blown off. Also, try not to step on allies.. that would be very bad for your reputation.
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