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On the Notoriety System

on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:09 pm

This is something new that I would like to try, hearkening back to the Bounty System that I employed in RT. I am going to be giving every player a level of notoriety. With each and every thing that you do, whether it be from exploits during battle, or whatever you do against or with the different factions, your level will increase. If the character does NOTHING, that their current level cap will STAY THE SAME. Notoriety will NEVER decrease, only increase. NPC's memories will remember what you do, or in some cases.. do NOT do. Your reputation will vary depending on what FACTION you belong to.

NOTE: All notoriety levels will be coming from a NEUTRAL PARTY. This means that due to your factions, you will be seen in a moderate light.

NOTE: All players are able to REDEEM themselves, as they will be allowed to CHANGE FACTIONS at most twice during the game.

The Levels:

Starting Point: Shadow
Well-Known [by some]
Notorious [by many]
Very Notorious [by all]
Criminal [Reserved for those of the Dark Side]
Prodigious [Reserved for those of the Light Side]
Urban Terrorist [Reserved for those of the Dark Side]
Good Samaritan [Reserved for those of the Light Side]
Demon [Reserved for those of the Dark Side]
Paragon [Reserved for those of the Light Side]
Manichaean [Reserved for those of the Dark Side] END LEVEL
Demigod [Reserved for those of the Light Side] END LEVEL
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