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Vassily Dumyekil

on Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:28 am
Name: Vassily Miroslav Dumyekil
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race/Ethnicity: Russian
Appearance: Dirty Blond hair and Bright Green eyes, Muscular and rather tall for his age; has pale white skin. Normal Attire consists of a Ushanka, Bell-bottom jeans, Black Combat Boots, a Shirt, and Duster.
Personality: Cheery and lively, he is a sarcastic and fun-loving soul, never neglecting a chance to meet someone new. Not even the the tension in battle can break his almost blissfully ignorant behavior.
History: Vassily had a short history - born and raised in Russia, all that really happened in his life that was of note was his move to America when he was 15. Once he had gotten to America, it didn't look as free as he thought - from his simple understanding of the situation, two sides were battling - the Union, and the Confederates. Once he arrived, he was recruited into the Union; he lived through the Civil War a scarred, silent man, his war-time clearly taking a toll on his mood.

Once he got used to America and his neighbors, he began to lighten up - his scarred past-time in war suddenly fading away, to the surprise of everyone else. He lived as a mercenary afterwards, doing a few jobs here and there in the wild-west for cash - soon becoming known for his efficiency and success in his missions, he would go on to be a well-known and targeted mercenary.
BCc 1873 (Василий Снайпер стрелковой or Vassily Sniper Rifle) - A weapon closely resembling that of an AK-47 with a scope; instead of a normal magazine, a Revolving cylinder replaces it, holding 10 .30 ʂturm (Assault) bullets. The BCc comes with a detachable Bayonet with a poisoned tip.

Natasha - Vassily relies closely on his Kukri - it was designed as a two-in-one, a normal Kukri blade, along with a clip of dagger blades, loosely attached to a slightly protruding arrow which was built into the Kukri to launch such blades - it can swap from a normal Kukri blade, to a sort of Crossbow - flaps unfold from the Kukri, making it resemble something of a crossbow - these daggers can then be shot from the crossbow.

RK-82 - A Standard model Finnish Revolver, using the .40 Magnum Calibre - it's a standard fire-arm just in case he's in a sticking situation. He doesn't use it often, but he ensures it is in tip-top shape, as well with his over weapons.

Miscellaneous Items: Compass, Journal and Fountain Pen, Rope, Survival gear, Water, Rations, Multi-purpose Utility knife, Picture of Family.

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Re: Vassily Dumyekil

on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:27 am
So far so good. Once you get your history finished I can accept it.
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