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Carlos Lombardi

on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:33 pm
Name: Carlos Lombardi

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race/Ethnicity: Italian

Appearance: He is fairly slim, but still strong, though he does not look it. He is moderately tall, standing at 5 feet 11 inches. Carlos has short, raven black hair that is often slicked back and has a nice beard and mustache (Just like this!). He wears dark gray, dress pants with a white long sleeved shirt and a grey vest. He has a dark tie that is tucked into his vest and often wears a black long-coat over that. He oftentimes wears a dark fedora on his head.

Personality: Carlos is a very straight to the point person, often wrathful when provoked, though he can be a good friend once he begins to trust someone. He is very loyal to his comrades and often puts his life on the line for them to ensure their survival. He is not the brightest person ever, but he often knows what the right thing is to do in any situation.

History: Carlos Lombardi was born in a poor Italian family that immigrated over to America immediately after his birth, seeking the free lands of success. The trip to America was long and hard, but they still made it. America was not what they expected it to be. They were treated as thrown out garbage and were forced to overwork for much needed money. Carlos lived a tough life in his younger years, picking fights with almost everyone and having to tough it out almost every day. He did not care for his Italian dependancy, as he did not embrace the culture. He felt that he was his own person and that he did not need to be convicted to such petty reasons. In fact, he never even learned Italian. When he was about twenty and looking for a job, he heard of the strange sighting of mystical creatures roaming about, terrorizing people. He heard of enlistment in the group named the "Dark Symphony" that were hiring people to kill these creatures. Carlos immediately signed up, curious about the business. He stayed in service for many years, doing extraordinary things and slaying many creatures, helping the world and vanquishing the terrorists. When he finally reached twenty-four, he was promoted to a sergeant of the Dark Symphony and was tasked with an assignment. He was to find a few people to recruit and make up his squad, so they could branch out and get more people. Carlos agreed to do this and trekked out into the streets of Transylvania, searching for strong souls...

Weapons: He has an automatic crossbow that he carries slung over his back. It has many modifications that allow it to load quickly and shoots silver bolts (as they are effective versus Werewolves) at a fast rate. The bolts are loaded in clips and shot at quick speeds for a crossbow, without any cranking required. It is quite small and lightweight, so he can even wield it in one hand. In a sheath on his belt he has a silver blade that has a hilt made out of an iron cross.

Miscellaneous Items: He always has a spare stake to carry around with him and has some cigars with matches.
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