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Ed Thatch - Pilot and Master Navigator

on Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:05 pm
Name: Ed Thatch

Theme song:

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Job: Navigator and Pilot

Appearance: Ed is tall at around 6 feet. He has short jet black hair, usually covered in a dark blue bandana. His has a short goatee as well. He has tanned skin from being on the decks of ships all day, and is rather muscled. Over his left eye, he has a long scar from a battle wound.

Personality: Ed is strong willed, proud, and sometimes can lose his temper when provoked. But, he has an undying loyalty to his Captain, and crew-mates. He is a decent fighter, and quite skilled when it comes to marksmanship, albeit he will admit he is the best when it comes to navigation and steering the ship in the right direction.

History: Ed Thatch, simply know to friends as Thatch, is a close friend to his future Captain, Alexander, and Cid, the future Cheif Engineer. He had been friends with them for as long as he could remember. Years ago, Ed had set sail with a crew out to sea, and became an apprentice under a sailor, whom taught him all there was to know of Navigation and Piloting a ship. Years had gone by, and after his master died, Ed became the Master Navigator of the ship, and Chief Pilot. During a great storm, the crew was shipwrecked and most died. After a sailing vessel found the survivors, Ed was brought back to the port-town of Rustbukit. Upon arrival, he was able to be reunited with his friends, whom he had not seen in many years.

Now, with them, they plan to build their own Skyship and sail the vast sky. He had decided he would serve under Alexander as the ships Master Navigator, and Chief Pilot.

Skills: Navigation, Meteorology, Cartography, Working Under Pressure, Marksmanship, Piloting, and has shown great Charisma, Survivalist

Weapons: A Steel Full-Tang Sword, two Octagonal Barreled Flintlock Pistols, a 30-40 Krag, and a Trench Knife

Possessions: Extra Ammunition, a Compass, cartography charts, and a Grand Sextant

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Re: Ed Thatch - Pilot and Master Navigator

on Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:20 pm
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