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Rika Magic

on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:37 am
Rika Magic:

Rika Magic is a strange thing, it has no set purpose and can be used for almost any task. This magic is found only in Freldians and almost all possess it, some use it for inventions while others use it in crafting. How it is cast is simple, the caster says what he needs it to do and then says the casting word and then he or she will have cast their spell. The casting word is chosen by the caster at a young age and they must remember it forever because without it they have no way to cast spells. Rika Magic is rarely used in combat other then for the strange inventions that require it, however it has been used on occasion but usually only when deemed necessary by the one in charge. When one casts a spell with Rika Magic a bright white light will come from their palm that is facing the direction they want to cast the spell, this has a good side and a bad side to it, the good side is it warns your friends that your casting a spell and the bad is it warns your enemies also. Some people believe that Rika Magic is very easy to cast, on the contrary it is actually very hard because one must make sure what they want it to do is very clear and they must make sure that they have their palm facing in the exact direction they want it to go. The words you use to cast it must be exact and any wrong word can ruin a spell and to ensure you cast it from the correct hand one must also state which hand he wants to cast it from. Together these two things can either ruin a spell or make a perfect one, few outside of Freldir understand this. One final thing about the Rika Magic is that some Freldians believe it to be a living thing inside them and that is why all you have to do is tell it what you want it to do.

Commonly Known Uses of Rika Magic:

The Gyrocraft. Rika Magic is used to keep this amazing flying machine in the air, without a Freldian pilot it will most likely fail.

The Blackpowder Cannons, hand-held and otherwise. These weapons use Rika Magic to ignite blackpowder which will then explode, the explosion then hurls a projectile at is target at a speed which can pierce most armor. Fire can also be used to ignite the powder but Rika Magic works better.

Rikian Hell. This is a dangerous weapon that uses Rika Magic to light a oil-based liquid on fire, this special fire can burn for long periods of time without wood or another fuel source. Also this fire can not be put out by water and these makes it almost impossible to get rid of.

Steam Boats. These metal clad vessels use Rika Magic and Coal to move great wheels which in turn move the boat forward without the need for wind or sails.
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