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The Crash (Background Information. Read BEFORE posting)

on Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:59 pm
OOC:Here the is background of the story.

You've all been sent on a flight to an unknown location. During the flight, the plane encounters a storm. The storm causes the plane to go down suddenly. You find yourself crashed upon an unknown city on an island. You look around for survivors and anything salvageable from the crash. You have no idea what is on this island or what lies in the city. The aircraft's radio is down and have no way to get out to outside world. The aircraft location is far outside the city and close to waters edge. The aircraft is in flames still, fuel leaks, black smoke fills the night sky, dead bodies lay inside the plane, blood is found on some parts of the wall and ground. You wake up disoriented, and bleeding. You slowly crawl out of the remains of the large aircraft, and hope not to die like the others. You must survive by whatever means necessary and hope to escape Macabre Island.

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