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Alec Walden

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:57 pm
Character Name: Alec Walden

Age: 34

Appearance: He is moderately tall (5'7) and pretty slim and lanky. He has dirty blonde hair that is cut short and has a goatee with a mustache. He has a Hawaiian shirt on, khaki shorts, and brown shoes.

Personality: He is a kind person, though he can be a bit pessimistic at times. He gets along with others well, though he doesn't trust people too quickly. He has gotten a little paranoid after the plane crash and is still a bit shaken.

Misc Items: He has an acoustic guitar and some cooking utensils with him.

History: Alec was born in Hawaii (though he is American) and grew up living in a middle class family for most of his life. Eventually, he got an interest in a cooking career and became a head chef of a restaurant after a while in a small town in Hawaii. It became a success and received nationwide renown. Alec even picked up guitar after a while and began to play a lot as a hobby to relieve stress. One day, he received an invitation to perform on a cooking show. This would be Alec's first chance to gain fame on television (as he was already famous in his country). Alec took the first plane he could get but something horrible happened. The plane wrecked and crashed onto a deserted island. Alec was lucky to survive, but now he was stranded with the other survivors and had no idea what to do...

Occupation: Chef and part time musician.

Special Skills: He is good at making fires and cooking food. He can also relieve stress by playing guitar and is a hard worker.
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Re: Alec Walden

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:03 pm

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