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Zein, Swordsman of Blizzard Isle

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:17 pm
Character Name: Zein "The Ice Raven"

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation(s): Swordsman/Fighter

History: Since the age of 5, Zein had always dreamed of becoming a strong swordsman. He would practice with his father daily and was always training himself in body and spirit. Living on one of the many islands of the North Blue Sea, Blizzard Isle, it had always snowed which allowed him to condition in frigid terrain. As he grew older, he traveled the island and practiced with other swordsmen. With this, he had learned many different styles and techniques and returned home after intensive long-term training.
Upon reaching his home-village, houses were destroyed and there was no one to be found. In utter shock, Zein rushed to his house which also was destroyed. His parents were gone but there was something on the table, his mother's bandana. He had assumed that a band of pirates had attacked his village. Taking the bandanna with him, he refused to turn back and had given himself the nickname "The Ice Raven" to go by as his swordsman's name. Since then he has devoted himself to avenging his family and becoming the strongest swordsman in the world. Setting himself out to sea, Zein had landed on the island of Frigid Heath. He armed himself with swords of his preference and had begun his new life.

Appearance: Jet black hair above shoulder length and covering his right eye. Eyes are a light violet, an X-like scar between his eyes. Pale skin and quite muscular.

Personality: is a very serious fighter, but he can be extremely laid-back in times of merriment. He follows a self-philosophy of honor and never questions the dreams or motives of others.

Clothing: wears very light clothing for swift and agile movement, an arctic camouflage sleeveless shirt and comfortable black cargo pants. He has an arctic camouflage sweatband on his left wrist and an arctic camouflage bandanna tied to his right arm. He ties the bandanna over his face when fighting seriously.

Weapons: 3 different style swords: a long katana, a serrated katana, and a double-edge claymore all with their own sheaths. The katanas remain at his hip-side while the claymore is placed on his back.

Gear: a sword-care kit and training weights

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Re: Zein, Swordsman of Blizzard Isle

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:17 pm
It's funny cuz it reminds me of another character... XD

Whatever, [ACCEPTED]
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