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The Tamrilians

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:09 pm
The High Elves of Tamrileth

Plural: Tamrilians
Lifespan: 1200- years

The Tamrilians have lived in their corner of Entaria ever since their arrival there. They pay little heed to the outside world except when it demands their attention and when it does they usually march out in force. The King or Queen commands the armies in battle and will appoint sub-commanders when needed, this has led to some mistakes in war such as the battle of Lost Pass. At the battle of Lost Pass a commander appointed by the King took 21,500 soldiers into Breldin to assist the Freldians in the north. The Breldians, still wary of the other kingdoms after the war with Umpria attacked the company of Tamrilians at Lost Pass and slew all but 13 High Elves. The 13 that escaped retreated to Tamrileth and told the king of this, with no army left to send to Freldirs help the king was ashamed and died that night. Now the armies of Tamrileth are much more organized, for one aspiring to join the army there are four paths to take, the path of the Swordsman, the path of the Archer, the path of the Knight and the path of the Priest. The path of the Swordsman is the most commonly taken because it forms the backbone of the army, those that choose it will be taught how wield and use a Elven Blade with grace, alongside their Blade the Swordsmen carry a large Elven Kite shield and Pike. The path of the Archer is necessary for the army to survive, without Archers providing support the Swordsmen will most likly fail. The path of the Knight provides Tamrileth with her cavalry, the Knights are deployed to sweep up the remains of the enemy force and are kept in reserve until the battle draws to an end, their speed is unmatched in all of Entaria. The path of the Priest is one not all can choose, to take up this path one must have the arcane gift, the Priest are not true Magi but use their magic to call down aid from above, whether it be in form of offensive or defensive magic. Tamrileth's Magi that do not take the path of the Priest will most likely sail to the Eastern island where one can kind the Five towers of the Sun, the place of training for all High Elven Magi. Those that do not become soldiers or Magi will choose a crafting profession and spend their lives crafting whatever it is they chose to craft. The work put into the Tamrilian art, pottery and other such crafts is obvious from how beautiful the are compared to some others items. And if one does not like work then they could become a musician for a musician is always needed somewhere in Tamrileth, whether it be at a inn or a party one can always find work as a bard. The music created by the High Elves is as beautiful as the morning dew some have said and truly their music is some of the greatest in all of Entaria.

Tamrilians average around 6-7t, they have long hair of every color, eye colors range from black to white and every color in between, they have fair skin and pointed ears. However close in appearance
to their woodland cousins they share no love for them.

The Gods are a daily part of a Tamrilian's life, each Tamrilian worships the god that will help them the most in their work. A farmer will worship the God of the crops while his neighbor, a carpenter will worship the God of the forest. In this way the High Elves are different from each other and the other races.

Important Figures:

Basically your average heavy armor wearing High Elves (think Noldor from LotR)
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