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Story Plot

on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:03 pm
Water.. Earth.. Fire.. Air..

Centuries ago, a boy was found trapped in an iceberg by a brother and sister of the southern water tribe. His name was Aang, and he was an airbender. Not just an airbender, but the Avatar. He learned of the Fire Nation, and their plan for global domination, and swore to bring peace back to the world. Traveling with his friends, Katara, Sokka, and Toph, he set out on a journey to master the elements and save the nations from crumbling into complete chaos. His path was rigid and consuming, but with the help of many allies he became known as a true protector. He encountered a young prince named Zuko who had pursued Aang for most of his journey, but later realized that his destiny to aid the Avatar in his quest was much more important than resurrecting his honor after being banished by his own father. By summer's end, Aang had mastered all four elements and confronted Fire Lord Ozai in a final clash. By taking away Ozai's ability to firebend, Aang had ceased the evil rule that was in play. The crown was passed on to Zuko, and the Fire Nation War was at an end.

Since then, it has been another 108 years and peace was still cast upon the nations. Fire Lord Zuko had kept harmony amongst the firebenders and the title of ruler had been passed down from generation to generation, leaving his grandson as the new king. The Earth Kingdom had rebuilt its cities and had completely rejuvinated from the war. The Water Tribes were keeping contact with one another in greater contrast, leaving more opportunities for waterbenders to rebuild in numbers in the south pole. The Air Nomads were slowly beginning to reappear, a race thought to be extinct was now becoming stronger than ever. All had seem to be restored, until a sad day arrived. Avatar Aang passed away, leaving those who he had protected for so long behind. Many people suffered for the loss of their Avatar, but no one would ever forget who he was and what he had done for them all. He left his name engraved in everyone's hearts. Time passed by, and waterbenders across both poles were waiting for the new Avatar to show himself. A young boy was blessed with a distinct mark, showing the others that he would be the next protector of peace.

But due to the loss of Aang, the nations were beginning to quarrel amongst themselves. The Earth Kingdom held their grudge towards the Fire Nation for what they suffered during the war, they wanted revenge. The Water Tribes remained to themselves and became uninterested in the world outside of the ice they lived in. The Air Nomads remained humble towards the other elements, but kept themselves away from any and all conflict, causing them to isolate themselves from the world. The Fire Nation remained peaceful to all but themselves. Many problems arose due to political beliefs of northern and southern firebenders, causing them to split away from each other and form their own societies. In the end it was up to this waterbender, the new Avatar, to bring harmony back to a slowly crumbling earth. This is his story, this is a new generation.
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