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The State of Entaria in 450 SA

on Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:12 am
The State of Entaria by 450 SA:


The two Northern Provinces have come under attack from the Orcs, starting with small raids now some fear they are planning to besiege a city. To counter this threat the Emperor has request permission to send his army through Serbamir to assist the Northern Provinces. However at the same time he is fortifying the Northern Provinces he must not appear weak in the Southern one or someone may take advantage of this and declare war.

The Oath King has decided to use this time to reclaim lands that were lost to the Takoshians and now the Oath Armies are assembled on the borders of Northgan and Takosh.

The Shogun has moved his armies to the borders of Northgan to counter the Dwarven threat. At the same time he deploys some of his soldiers to the borders of Serbamir, his plans are to deal with the Serbians once and for all. Nothing can calm the rage that has built up inside the Takoshians ever since the defeat and death of their Shogun to Serbians in 2134 FA.

Angered by the small raids against them by the Takoshians the Highlanders of Serbamir flock to the banner of Chieftain McClud of Clan McClud, who until the Meet will lead the Serbians to war. The request made by the Emperor of Umpria will not be decided on until the Meet.

The Council has ignored the outside world for a year now and they still do. However some Magi have proclaimed that they must do something to stop the coming bloodshed to which the Council replied ''It has already come.''. Many Xargothians believe the Council is old and must be replaced but until enough Magi gather together they won't have the strength to remove the Council. Those loyal to the Council will stop at nothing to keep the Council in power, even if it leads to Civil War.

The Trade Empire has pulled its business away form the other kingdoms to avoid events that happened before. Hoping to keep his Kingdom out of the war the King ensures that many new soldiers are recruited to defend their homeland. How long he can resist the other Kings is unknown to all.


The past years events have opened a wound in the hearts of Tamrilians that was closed at the Breaking of the Crown, many alive can remember the defeat at Lost Pass to the Breldians and now they want revenge for the 20,000 High Elves that fell that day. The Queen has held them back but reports of lone Elves going into Breldin and murdering some of its inhabitants are increasing and she can not hold back the Breldians and her own people for long.

Ever since the first murder in Southern Breldin the Breldians have not trusted the High Elves of Tamrileth, in fact they want war but their Queen will have none of it. She is currently in negations with the Queen of Tamrileth over the murders but both fear it will end in war.

With war just around the corner the King of Freldir has increased production speed and decreased the amount of foreigners allowed into Freldir. The inventors have also increased their work on any current inventions and also build more of the current ones for the armies. All Freldians have heard stories about the wars long past and now they fear that what has happened once will happen again.

Orcs have attacked the Northern Provinces of Umpria and until the break through the rest of Entaria is safe from their bloodthirst. No one knows what is going on inside Svesdar but some fear the worst.

This is the year that the game is starting in.
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