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The Serbians

on Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:32 pm
The Serbians

Plural: Serbians
Lifespan: 3000 – 6000 months

Living in the mountainous highlands of Serbamir, the Serbians have payed no head to the out lying kingdoms till the breaking of the Crown. Led by the High Chieftain they will gather to fight when the time arises. Jobs are plentiful and anyone can do what they want, whether it be a tailor, a magi, a doctor, a goat herd or something else entirely. The warriors are highly renowned throughout Entaria and many fear their massive claymores. Upon reaching the age of 192 months a Serbian lad can join the army, he will then spend the next 120 months training. When he has finished he will be sent to his home villages garrison until called upon by his Chieftain or the High Chieftain. Magi are commonly known as Druids in Serbamir and are usually the village Chieftain's adviser, they also help the village with it's needs, whether it be potions, healing or other magic. Druids are probably the best potion makers other then the Xargothanian Alchemists. A good Druid is never without potions and he is very effective in earthen and air/wind magic. The thing that makes Serbian stick out the most is their kilts, most outsiders would call them skirts at a first glance but the blade of a Serbian sword would make them hold their tongue. In fact a man was hanged for calling the High Chieftain's kilt a skirt. Each Village is home to a clan and each clan has it's own kilt pattern and Chieftain, each Chieftain must report to the High Chieftain who is selected by the Chieftains at a meeting that happens once every 60 months. One more thing that sets the Serbians apart from the rest of Entaria is the fact that they never use years and weeks, only months and days.


The men are tall, ranging around 6ft to 7ft, with hair colors ranging from red to black and eye colors ranging from green, blue, gray, brown and black. Women are shorter then the men and average 5-6ft in height, their hair colors and eye colors are the same and all Serbians have lighter skin then most.

Each village worships one god in particular and it usually has to do with the villages role.

Important Figures:

Chieftain William McClud of Clan McClud - leader of Serbamir until the Meet
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