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Ian Kingsley

on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:39 pm
Name: Ian Kingsley

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Glovanian

Appearance: Ian is a slim and moderately tall (5'10) man. He has dirty blonde hair that is cut short and has a nice mustache along with a beard on his chin. He wears leather armor to protect himself against melee attacks and has a dark green, hooded cloak that he wears at all times.

Personality: Ian is a very kind and outgoing person. He despises people who abuse power and hates the selfish. He is a sympathizer of the weak and poor (mainly due to his background) and often tries to aid them. He is easy to make friends with and loves to drink ale with his comrades!

Weapons: He has a bow, a revolver, and a long-sword.

Miscellaneous Items: He carries around some flint and stone for fire-making, a bedroll, and a medical kit.

History: Ian was born into a peasant family in a small village of Glovania. He lived a life of poverty and suffering, as he was forced to work in sweat shops as a child to support his family. Because of this work, he never got an education and hardly learned how to write with help from his mother. One day, a Greenwoldan came into town to stay and rented a room at his house. The elf told many stories of his country and Ian listened to them all with all his attention. Ian became good friends with the elf even though he was only there for a few days. The elf promised he would come back someday and give him a proper education once he was older. A few long years passed by slowly, and the elf returned, taking Ian under his wing as an apprentice with permission from his parents. His parents, of course, accepted the offer and Ian went with the elf (whose name was Lewan) to Greenwold and began his education. Lewan taught him how to use the bow and taught him many things in nature. After several years of training, Lewan graduated Ian from his apprenticeship and he returned home a strong and educated man. Ian's instant thoughts were to go and join the army after he visited his parents to get money for them, but when he arrived at his village, he saw something he never expected to see. The whole village was burned and people were slaughtered across the streets. His parents were among the dead. Ian's mind turned wrathful and when he saw the Glovanian flag sticking out of the ground, he vowed to destroy the ones responsible for this: Simon. Ian was surprised to hear that the king was dead and Simon had taken his place, but did not have any mind for mourning now. He needed to rebel. But Ian knew that he could not do it alone. He gathered up many rebellious people and trained them all to perform in sabotage and espionage missions. He is going to tear the new kingdom down with the help of his comrades piece by piece until the foundations collapsed on it's leader. No matter what.
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