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National Department of Advancement - Anumian Empire

on Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:48 pm
Nation Name: Anumias

Motto: Sonarthro Enichi darepois orthoroten proso sonarthro saikodotis korysaka: "The One who stands atop the highest peak."

Form of Government: Imperial

Economic Form: Capitalism

Leader (Title): Emperor

Unique Features:
  • Mountainside civilization
  • Beachfront Property
  • Underground Wellsprings
  • Large Port Cities / Towns
  • Foreign Trade Hub
  • Lit Streets
  • Cobbled Stone Roads
  • Leveled Terrain
  • Largest Capital City

Population: 200,000

Government Spending: National taxation and Anumian funding

Trade Routes: --> New Capua

Layout of the Land / Water:
  • Location of the North-Western Peninsula and expands eastward.
  • Overall Subjugated / owned land is called Anumias, while the original nation taking up the entirity of the Peninsula is called the Hontolos Anuminos.
  • Created Cities: CAPITAL - Citel Rhun, Rokxbry, and Tarmena
  • The Borderlands: all land outside of the Hontolos Anuminos borders. Owned by the Empire as open land before the rivers.
  • The Six Heaths: Referring to the Six major colonies / cities of Anumias (Roksbry, Tarmena, Jalpos, Fjorde, Xiphos, and Phoros). [FUTURE NAME]
  • The Undercities: Referring to the Major cityscape surrounding the main mountain in the Hontolos Anuminos.
  • The Bay of Gale: This is the major body of water just outside of Roksbry that is used for shipping and trade.
  • The Anumian Ocean: This is the general body of water surrounding the peninsula and the other cities of Anumias.

City Sizes and Population Density:
  • CAPITAL: Citel Rhun - 150 square miles - 100,000 people
  • Roksbry - 50 square miles - 30,000 people
  • Tarmena - 100 square miles - 70,000 people

Social Programs:
  • Governmental Aid and Welfare
  • Mandatory Jobs (Meaning once anyone is off aid, they must procure a job)
  • Capitalistic Encouragement

Available Resources: Copper, Silver, Dark Ore, Gold, Tin,

Resource Needs: Rock (Magmatic ores are provided by trade with New Capua)

Unique Projects:
  • Borderline Battlements
  • Walled City
  • Underground Causeways / Pipelines
  • Imperial Palace
  • Dark Ore Refining
  • Complex Defenses
  • Internal Plumbing
  • Internal Defense Systems

Housing / buildings: Private properties for the wealthy / noble elite, private homes for the middle classes / gentry, provided properties for the lower class and poor. Public lavatories and washrooms are provided, usually homes have their own.

Major Buildings:
  • Imperial Courthouse
  • Military High Command
  • Imperial Palace
  • Wellspring Upkeep Plant
  • The Imperial Trading Hub (Large building on the Waterfront District that monitors domestic / foreign trade)
  • Defense Systems Control (The Defense Cabinet
  • The Reichstros (Federal Government Building)
  • The Bundestros (Local Government Buildings [found in each city])

Military Buildings:
  • The Imperial Barracks
  • The Overlord Sanctuary
  • Sancr Tor (Home to the Enclave)
  • The City Watch Barracks

Military Spending: 7% of Domestic Budget (Half is provided by Government and 5% through taxation)

Training: Enclave and Overlords are trained in the old style of the Rhunlandish Special Forces, while the rest of the military is trained with another form of combat used primarily by Anumians. City Watch is trained in the same way as the overall army.

Conscription?: Only in times of invasion or emergency

Military Size: 16,000 Strong (Main Military, excluding special units and offshoots)
  • 1500 Imperial Cavalry Troops
  • 3000 Imperial Heavy Troops (Pikes and Spears)
  • 4000 Imperial Longbowmen / Crossbowmen
  • 4000 Imperial Swordsmen
  • 1000 Imperial Auxiliary Troops (Shields and Spears / Heavy Maces)
  • 300 Siege Engineers
  • 200 In-field medics

Military Hierarchy / Rank and File:

Rank and File:
  • To each SQUAD: 10 troops
  • To each PLATOON: (5 squads) 50 Troops
  • To each COMPANY: (4 Platoons) 200 Troops
  • To each BATTALION: (4 Companies) 800 Troops
  • To each REGIMENT: (5 Battalions) 4000 Troops
  • To each DIVISION: (2 Regiments) 8000 Troops

  • Each SQUAD is led by a Sergeant
  • Each PLATOON is led by a Lieutenant
  • Each COMPANY is led by a Captain
  • Each BATTALION is led by a Major
  • Each REGIMENT is led by a CO and an Overlord
  • Each DIVISION is led by a General and two Overlords

Special Soldiers: 400 Special Units in total
  • 100 Overlords (More or less, the Elite Imperial Guard
    Overlord Soldiers Pic
  • 300 Enclave Troopers (Elite Forces, called out on emergency = Usually tasked to guard the causeways until war)

Offshoots of the Military Branch 600 Units in total

600 City Watch Personnel (Trained Guards)
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