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A Survivor: Her story

on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:30 pm
To whomever it may concern,
I'm not exactly sure who to address this to. My teacher said you should address it like that when that type of thing happens.
So anyway, I really think I need to take someone on an adventure. Even if my company is imaginary. Even if no one reads my tale. The adventure I'm taking is one to the past. To my past. You're most certainly welcome to join too. Be aware though, this ride isn't one of thrill or fantasy, but of tragic romance engulfed by perverse intentions.
Not extrodinary, but extremely common. Or atleast that's what I've heard. I have come to be shown that my story is like so many others, but the difference, is I want to reveal the skeleton in my closet.
By all means, help yourself. Just be prepared for gruesome details that come from the depths of a sick person's mind that I will never understand.
Sincerely Yours,
The Survivor

(=] Yeah, what do you guys think so far?)

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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:39 pm
Pretty good yu?

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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:39 pm
Just wanna know If i should continue. =]
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:53 pm
CHapter 1

Now, where do I start? At the start, or at the beginning? Let’s try the beginning. That might make it all a little more exciting.

“Jaden, please don’t do this!” I pleaded with him. I could feel my eyes burning and the knot in my stomach tightened ten fold. I watched, helplessly tied to a chair, as he stepped on the stool and laced the extension cord around his neck. The tears started rolling down as I struggled to get out of my restraints.
“I’m sorry! I lied. There is no guy. No one at school tried to ask me out. Please! I lied!” I said hopelessly choking on my tears.
“Exactly! I’m that much of a burden to you. You’re my life, and you lied to try and get rid of me. There is no point in living if my life is empty. You’re my everything Ashlyn! I love you more than words can explain, and you don’t want me!” he explained, starting to choke on his own tears.
“Jaden, honey, I’ve known you for a month. This doesn’t make sense. I talked to Erika about it…”stopping in my tracks, I thought quickly, “and now I realize it was wrong. Okay? She was wrong to convince me to lie to you, and I’m sorry. Now I realize I didn’t really want you to leave. Please untie me, I won’t leave. I love you… a lot. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
He stared at me for a second in confusion. Then the confusion turned to hate, after that, affection.
“Oh baby, of course it wasn’t you. I knew you wouldn’t do that. It was all Erika, right? That stupid bitch. I told you that you need to stop hanging around her. She’s bad news,” he said in relief, removing the cord and stepping off the stool, he came over to me. He wiped the tears from my cheeks and kissed my lips, then he moved down to my neck.
“Um Jaden… Will you untie me please? My wrist is starting to hurt…” I asked politely, trying not to cry.
“Oh! Right,” he mumbled as he reluctantly left my neck and untied my hands, me rubbing my broken wrist. (I broke it falling backward at the ice skating rink 3 weeks earlier.)
“Thanks,” I said, smiling gently, “I think I’m gonna go home. My parents are probably wondering where I am right now.”
“Yeah, you’re right. They probably are. You’re not going to tell, are you?” He asks, kissing my wrist gently, “about this? Because we will both probably get in lots of trouble if you do, ok?”
“No. I won’t tell. Don’t worry. What happened in here, stays in here. Promise,” I promised him, half heartedly kissing his cheek, “I better hurry home, ok? I love you.”
“I love you too,” he said contently smiling after me as I left the room.

Once I walked out of his house, I ran like my life depended on it to the bus stop to home. When the bus arrived, I quickly stepped on and sat down, hiding my tears. Once I was home, I ran up to my room and locked the door behind me. Then I grabbed a pillow and went to sit down in my closet. I closed the door and let my tears flow for hours on end.
What in the heck was I supposed to do now? I can’t tell anyone. Why is this happening to me? That was all that went through my head that night as I cried myself to sleep.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:23 am
Chapter 2

When I woke up the next morning, I was confused. I didn’t know where I was. Then I remembered.
I stood up and opened the door to my closet, then looked at my clock. I thought I was late for school, and then I remembered that it was Saturday and I relaxed a little. I sighed. Then slowly sat on the bed.
I checked my phone to see if I had any messages and I did. I had five from Jaden, and one from Erika. I clicked on Erika’s message first. What I read was this: “Hey, so did you break up with him? I’m dying to know.” My heart sank at the reminding of my failure of that task. I hit the reply button and said: “Naw. I talked to him about it yesterday, and he said he would stop doing all that weird stuff. So I think I’m just gonna see where things go. Ok?”
Then I looked at the five messages Jaden had sent me:
“Hey babe. : ) Good mornig.”
“Hey are you up?”
“You ok? I’m getting kind of worried.”
“Are You ignoring me? What did I do now?”
I rubbed my neck and pushed reply on the last message. Then I typed in “Sorry. I slept late. No, I’m not ignoring you. Good morning btw.” And pushed send.
After that I put the phone down and went to my closet to grab a towel so that I could take a shower. Right as I walked past it to the door, my phone went off with another message from Jaden. I sighed and read it quickly.
“OH! Ok. =} Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today cuz I’ve been missing you a lot today.”
I stood in a daze for a moment. I blinked a couple times then replied: “Yeah. We can hang out. Just let me take a shower and get ready first, then we can meet somewhere.”
Then I put the phone down once again and dashed for the bathroom before he could text me back. Once I was bathed and dressed. I went down stairs to eat breakfast, intentionally leaving my phone in my room. Once I was finished eating, I went back up stairs and brushed my teeth.
Once my room was clean, my laundry was done, my homework was finished, and anything else I could do to stall going back to my phone and checking it was done, I finally started to walk up the stairs to my room. Then I heard the doorbell ring. My head turned in curiosity. I was trying to think who would be at the door right now, considering that my parents we’re gone for the day shopping for something and my older brother was with his friends.
I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone. Dashing back down the stairs, I opened the door and looked up. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“How did you find my house?” I asked in utter shock, seeing Jaden’s face staring back at me. (He hadn’t ever been to my house before, and I still hadn’t told him.)
“It wasn’t hard,” he replied with a grin, “All I had to do was look up your parents in the phone book. I was getting worried when you didn’t text me back or answer my calls, so I decided to come over.” Then he strolled pass the threshold and gave me a hug and kiss. Still in shock, I remained stiff in his embrace.
“Oh..” I whispered, coming back into reality.
“So you said your parents are gone today, right?” Jaden asked behind him as he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table.
“Yeah…They’re shopping for some weird thing that I can’t remember the name of,” I said quietly.
“Well perfect,” Jaden said smiling. He stood up from his chair and walked back over to me. He gently took my hands and kissed my lips. “I want you Ashlyn. I want you badly,” he whispered in my ear. Butterflies beat the inside of my stomach at his words. An uncontrolled smile spread across my lips.
“But you already have me,” I said giggling softly. I looked into his blue eyes and lost my breath. For a second I forgot how to breathe.
“I want all of you. Every inch,” he said smiling and looking at me meaningfully, “do you understand what I’m saying?” I shook my head after a moment.
“Let me put it this way…” he whispered leaning in and kissing me deeply. He then moved his hands to my waist and moved them slowly up my back underneath my shirt. I opened my eyes wide in alert. Finally understanding his meaning, I backed away from his kiss and removed his hands from my person.
“Whoa there tiger! Ha. Um…” I trailed off blushing a deep red. He laughed and kissed my hand.
“Yes? I can be that,” he smiled at me the way a big cat would at their prey and he growled playfully then kissed me swiftly again. I got caught off guard and kissed him back when I felt his hands on my upper back again. Then I broke the trance and pushed his hands away again.
“Jaden. No. I don’t think you understand… I’m not ready for that. I’m kinda still a virgin… and I wanna keep it that way for now,” I explained awkwardly to his disappointed face. He paused for a second as he listened to me.
“okay. If you’re not ready, then I can wait. It will be hard, but I can wait,” he said slowly rubbing my arm. He smiled and took my hand again.
“What do you want to do then?” he asked slowly. I looked at him and thought for a second. Trying to process his sweet gesture and register what he had just asked. When it all made sense I smiled, thinking I was falling in love by the second.
“Maybe we could watch a movie? I think my parents rented some yesterday for me to watch today,” I explained walking into the living room and picking up the pile of them. He followed behind me and hugged my waist, looking at the movies over my shoulder.
“I say we watch the scary movie,” he said teasingly, ”that way I can hold you if you get scared.” He smiled. I giggled and turned my head to look at him.
“Okay. We can watch the scary one,” I said taking it out of the case and putting it in the dvd player. Then I grabbed the remote and went to go sit down on the couch. Wondering in the back of my head why I even let Jaden in the house, this was proving to be really hard and turning into a scary movie itself.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:32 pm
I sense a possible rape in the future, as hinted in the title and story. Good job so far, a good start.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:35 pm
Thanks. It's a possibility, but I'm not sure. I'm kinda just seein where it goes.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:36 pm
Hmm. I'm definitly interested. The "controversial" approach intriguies me. XP
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:02 pm
Chapter 3

Right after the credits popped up on the screen, my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller i.d. and read mom. I looked at Jaden and held my finger up to my lips, telling him to be quiet. Then I answered the phone.
"Hey honey, how are things going over there?," my mom greeted me, I could hear the smile in her voice.
"Just great mom. Everything is going good. I just watched that scary movie you rented for me. The haunted house one," I said smiling into the phone at the common conversation.
"Oh, okay. That's great babe, but the reason I was checking in on you is to tell you we're leaving right now and we should be home in about five hou...." she cut off laughing, "Daniel! Stop that!" she giggled, half heartedly scorning my dad for something.
"Sorry honey. Your dad was just being silly right there. But I'll let you go. I just wanted to tell you we will be home soon, love you."
"love you too Mom," I said hanging up the phone.
I glanced over at Jaden. He sat there expectantly. When I didn't explain anything he tenderly asked, "What was that about baby?"
I turned towards him. " oh, it's was just my mom telling me they are gonna be home soon," I said cooly.
"When?" Jaden asked in alarm.
"About five hours from now," I said half smiling. Why was I smiling?
"Beautiful!" he said jumping up from the couch, "THen there is plenty of time to take you out for dinner," he said excitedly. He strolled over to me and kissed me cheek. I smiled in return.
I couldn't figure out why, but this boy intruiged me. And not in a observant way, but a lustful one. WHy was I feeling like this? It didn't make any sense.
Without my brain even processing the decision, I touched my lips to his, wrapping my arms softly around his neck. Even though he was surprised, he kissed back wholeheartedly. We walked backwards toward the kitchen counter and he lifted me up on it. I wrapped my legs around his middle and began to french kiss him.THat's when his hands started to wander. At first, I didn't notice and I continued to kiss him, Then he got bold and reached for my pant button. I made a surprised yelping noise and pushed him back.
"What are you doing?!" I asked, out of breath. My face was flushed and my eyes were wild from the intesity moments before.
"Well I...."he trailed off, "I'm not sure. I just kind of was.... I don't know..." he stood there and looked confused.
"I thought you wanted me to," finally came out his answer, "why did you kiss me if you didn't want me to?"
Now it was my turn to look confused. "I...I..." I stuttered," I don't really know. I was looking at you one second, then the next you were trying to unbutton my pants! I have no idea why i kissed you."
I hopped off the counter and little wobbly. When Jaden tried to come help I lifted my hand up.
"Please don't touch me," I said steadying myself. I then took a deep breath and brushed my hair out of my face. My eyes now bright and alert, I looked around my house at the familiar scene of the kitchen. Then I looked at Jaden, staring at me in concern.
"Ashlyn, atleast let me take you to dinner. Help me make it up to you. I'm so sorry," he said shamefully, "Please let me make it up to you." I looked at him a little longer before I responded.
"Ummm...where?" I asked, feeling bad for obviously making him feel bad. I hated making people feel bad. His face brightened.
"I was thinking somewhere nice. What are you in the mood for? I wanna make it somewhere special just for you," he said, smiling with enthusiasim.
" I'm not sure. How bout you surprise me," I suggested, smiling back at his grin.
"Perfect! I know just the place, but you will have to go upstairs and change into something much nicer," he explained softly. He then took my hand and asked "so where's your room? I'll pick the outfit since it's a surprise." I pointed towards the stairs and led him to my room. Once up there he surveyed my living space with seeming approval. Especially when he looked towards the my queen sized bed, which concerned me. He then went over to my closet and skimmed through everything on the hangers. I stood there watching.
After a couple minutes had passed, he had decided upon my black skirt and a red blouse. The skirt was one that flared out and the one I used to wear to chior concerts forever ago and was plainly on the short side. As for the blouse it was very low cut, I had been too imberresed to wear it out in public, so it really had just sat in my closet since i purchased it. Then I watched him walk over to my dresser opening drawers until he found my underwear. He ended up picking out my only lace bra and pair of panties. My eyes widened in surprise at this.
"Um... I don't think.."Jaden cut me off before I could finish.
"Relax Ashlyn, you'll look fantastic,"he reassured me, kissing my lips, "I know it." I looked into his pleading eyes for a second and nodded in defeat.
"Alright. Fine."
"Would it be a problem if I watched you change? I'll just be over here, I won't even say anything," Jaden requested. My jaw dropped when I heard the question.
"No! That wouldn't be alright," I managed to squeak out. my voice failing on me. I cleared my throat, still in shock.
"Heck no! Why would you even ask that? No. YOu can wait out there," I pointed to the hallway. He clearly displayed his dissapointment and slowly walked outside and stopped once in the hallway. I walked over and shut the door, locking it just incase. I then took my sweet time geting the clothes on and doing my small amount of makeup. Then I opened the door when I finished pining up my hair.
"What shoes did you want me to wear?" I asked distracted with touching up my hair. Then when his reply didn't come I looked out into the hallway and saw him standing there with his mouth slightly open, staring at me. Suddenly I felt concious.
"What? Is my makeup messed up? Is there something wrong with my skirt?" I asked double checking my appearance in the mirror. Still starting in amazement, he slowly responded, "''re perfect."
"what?" I asked giggling," I'm not even close to perfect. Now which shoes did you want me to wear?" I asked, trying to brush off his compliment.
"No you are perfect.YOu're amazing!" he exlaimed excitedly, "You sexy woman, you." He smiled as he said this and walked toward me. When he got to me, he put his hand gently on my neck and slide it down my back.
"Oh come on please, which shoes did you want me to wear?" I asked trying to avoid what I knew would happen if I didn't stop it.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:15 am
Chapter 4

I stepped out of his car, surprised I was alive. He had all but crashed us driving over here. From what he said, he had just gotten his license. It was weird to have someone other than my parents driving me places. Only being fifteen and all, I generally didn't know many people who could drive. THe fact that he had choosen my highest pair of heels wasn't helping much either.
Jaden ran over to my side and took the door for me. "You were supposed to let me do that silly," he said closing my door and locking his car. I wasn't at all sure what kind it was, but it was blue.
Then Jaden placed his hand on the small of my back and lead me towards the resturant. I stopped in my tracks.
"No. This is way too much money!" i stated in disagreement to the resturant he had chooseN. He had picked Chez Michelle, which was the most expensive place in town. It was a two-story, french resturant that served really french dishes.
I covered my mouth with my hand. "Jaden, no no no. This is WAY too much! I can't let you take me here." I said slightly hysterical. Jaden observed my reaction and chuckled.
"Oh yes you can. And you will, because I insist. I have more than enough money to pay for this," he said smiling sweetly. He took my hand and kissed it. THen he continued to lead me through the front doors. I was slow and hesitant, but everytime i would slow down, he would nudge me forward and rub the small of my back.
When we finally reached the hostess's stand he requested a table for two while i shyly stared down at the toes of my heels. I only looked back up when he slightly nudged me forward again. As we followed the hostess to our table I frquently glanced at Jaden. He Strolled confidently behind the woman close to my side still towering over me by a couple of inches, even with my three-inch heels on. Then I looked at his face to find the ghost of a smile etched in his face. I knew he sensed my looking at him. As I continued to observe his boyish features the hostess sat us at our table. She then set menus in front of our places and left, then she sent a waitor over to order our drinks. Once that was finished we were left momentarily to order our meals.
I glanced down at it without reading anything, afraid of the price tag that would follow it. When I finally got up the courage to finally look at the words, I couldn't understand a thing. It was all in french! I paniced and looked to Jaden to see if he was having the same problem.
When I looked at him, i met his smiling eyes. He had been staring at me the whole time. He appeared to be somewhat amused by the expression on my face.
"Having a little trouble, are we?" he asked me laughingly. I simply nodded. He smiled.
"Alright. Well the poissons is fish, the poulet is chicken, and the bifteck is steak," he continued to translate all these french words for me. Being completely amazed and impressed, I totally forgot about the prices. I ended up picking out the poulet cordon bleu entree with salade de fruit as my appetizer. Though I absolutely refused to eat dessert, insisting that we could get that somewhere else for a lot less until he finally agreed with me.
While we waited for our food to arrive he continued to study me. As did i continue to to study him. I started to memorize his features. Trying to picture how to draw him in my mind's eye.
"What are you thinking about right now? You look so concentrated," he asked softly. He smiled, waiting for my response.
"Well... I'm actually trying to picture how I would draw that handsome face of yours. It's one of a kind ya know," I said slowly with a smile on my lips. He sat back a little surprised by my copliment.
"I didn't know you could draw. Why haven't you told me that?"
"You never asked. Why don't you just take the compliment, ay?" I asked teasingly, "what? Can you give them out but not take them in?" He looked at me seriously. The smile fading from his lips.
"What? What did i say?" I asked somewhat confused. He started to stare once more. Studying my features carefully.
"YOu're so beautiful..." he trailed off, "I feel like I'm at the bottom of the totem pole and you're at the tippy top. YOu're way out of my leauge baby.." he trailed off agian. I gave him a quizzical look and rolled my eyes.
I was about to reply when the waitor returned with our dishes. I hadn't even noticed my fruit salad infront of me and Jaden seemed to be just as surprised. As he took away our plates and replaced them with new ones I smiled at Jaden, trying not to laugh out loud, my eyes bright with interest towards him.
When I the waitor left it took me a minute to gather the courage to ask, "where did you get all the money to afford this? Doesn't it cost like fifty dollars for each of us? To be hosest, I don't earn nearly that much and I can't save my money to save my life." His expression portrayed fasination as I asked the question. Then I saw him try to gather his thoughts to answer the question.
"Well I actually worked a full time job over the summer to earn my car and I earned a lot more than I needed for the car I wanted so I put the rest in a savings account. And I still work at my job part time so I just take what I need for gas and such out of my paycheck then put the rest in that same savings account. Over time all this cash accumulates in there and I just treat myself every so often, or in this case, treat my girl," he replied winking at me, "So do you like your dinner?" he asked in curiosity. I suddenly looked down at my uneaten food and my eyes widened. He was spending so much money and I had barely touched any of my food. I picked up my fork and cut off a piece and placed it in my mouth, shewing slowly so that I could savor the taste. I nodded and smiled. It was actually better than I had expected.
"It still isn't worth this much though. No one should charge that much for food," I stated plainly. He grinned and laughed.
"So you like it then?" he asked gladly, "Good!"

After we had finished our meal and came back to my house, we had two hours left until my parents would be home. When I looked out the window at my driveway, I gasped.
"Oh my gosh! Aaron is home!" I practically cried out when I saw my brother's car parked in the driveway, "I'm in for it now. He probably called my parents already!" my heart started to beat faster.
"Why's that bad? WHat's the worse that could happen if your parents found out about me? I mean, they're bound to sooner or later, right?" he sounded as if he was starting to get offeneded.
"Well I was just hoping they would find out later rather than sooner.." I trailed off and my brother stepped outside to the front porch.
"Here we go," I whispered under my breath. I stepped out of Jaden's car and remembered what I was wearing. I moan. "I'm so dead," I said quietly enough that Jaden only barely heard it when he helped me out of the car.
"Everything will be fine hun," he whispered in my ear as he led me to my front door.
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Re: A Survivor: Her story

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