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The Freldians

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:34 pm
The Dwarves of Freldir

Singular: Freldian
Plural: Freldians
Lifespan: 500-800 years

Ever since their arrival in Entaria the Freldians have been making things to make their lives better. Inventors are highly praised throughout the cities built on the mountainsides. Unlike their western cousins they do not live under ground, they build their cities on the sides of the many mountain ranges that cover Freldir. Their Kings have always led Freldir to victory but are not as important as the inventors. Most Freldians are skilled craftsmen and work together to build wondrous things, blacksmith, carpenter, tanner, lumberjack, tailor and miner are only a few of the careers that they can choose from. The most recent of their inventions is a vehicle dubbed the Gyrocraft, this amazing contraption can fly above the earth and is powered by Freldian Rika magic. Other inventions of theirs are Black powder weapons, capable of destroying castle walls with ease but very expensive, steam boats, vessels that do not require wind or oars to move them across the water, instead they rely on a special coal found only in the mountains of Freldir. The most well known invention is the special fire that can burn on anything including water, the Freldians call this Rikian Hell, named after their magic. Those that travel to Freldir are not welcome inside the workshops due to the Freldians distrust of the outside world, only after finishing an invention will they reveal it to the other races and even then they still keep the secrets behind it safe. Because they are willing to sell their inventions to the other inhabitants of Entaria most Freldians are very rich and this has caused the prices to go up on most items in Freldir.

The Freldians are shorter then their western cousins and average around 2 ½ feet tall, though some have reached 3 feet. They also cut their beards or bind them to their shoulders so as to keep them from getting burnt while working in their workshops. Their hair turns black, gray or white after about 200 years and when they are young it is a bright color such as red, orange or blonde. They are pale skinned and have eyes of every hue.

They worship no god in particular but believe that all gods are equal.

Important Figures:
Agthor – Inventor of Rikian Hell
Thelmir – Inventor of Black powder weapons
Cormin – Inventor of steam boats
King Cresbin – Current monarch and inventor of the Gyrocraft
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