The Cassarians

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The Cassarians

Post by Luchiaros on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:33 pm

The Cassarians, more commonly known as the Traders

Singular: Cassarian or Trader
Plural: Cassarians or Traders
Lifespan: 250-350 years

Most Cassarians are not soldiers, but merchants or craftsmen and those at the lowest level of society are the workers in the fields and forests. The workers are paid well and given houses by the one they work for, the merchants usually extend their trade routes as far as Northgan and are very rich. Money is held in higher value in Cassarn then in other lands due to the large trade economy, also most grain, minerals and lumber are exported out of Cassarn which raises their prices for the citizens. The royals have been working restoring balance to the economy but haven't succeeded so far, and these days they are more like the diplomats then the rulers of Cassarn due to the many large merchants that own most of Cassarn. Those seeking employment will most likely head for the nearest trading company and apply for a job or become an apprentice to a craftsman, jobs are plenty throughout Cassarn and this has left the streets clean of beggars. However more and more are becoming soldiers due to the growing darkness.

Cassarians are usually around 6 feet tall and have lighter hair like blonde, they have pale skin and brown eyes of varying hues.

The Cassarians pay homage to all the gods and have no favorites, some villages however may worship one god more then the others .

Important Figures:
King Grathlin - Current Ruler
Joseph Lingur – First merchant in Cassarn, his descendants own the Lingur Company, one of Entaria's biggest trading companies
King Evron – First king of Cassarn

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