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The Orcs of Entaria

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:32 pm
The Orcs

Singular: Orc
Plural: Orcs
Lifespan: Unknown but people have guessed it to be around 100-300 years

Not much can be said about them other then they live to fight, all warriors are males and they use dark magic cast by shamans. Their warchiefs have been known to wear strange dark metal armor that is as strong as Mithril and other rare metals.

Tall, around 6-7 feet, hair is rare but if an Orc does have any it's black and uncut, eye colors range from gray, green, black, red and orange and their skin is either green, gray or black. No one has seen a female and therefore no one knows what they look like

Some have heard them calling out to a ''Grok'' and a ''Mrok'' but what they are gods of is unknown

Important Figures:
No important Orcs are known to the other races
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