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The Dwarves

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:31 pm
The Dwarves of Northgan

Plural: Dwarves
Lifespan: 150 – 700 years


The shortest of all the races in Entaria, the Dwarves are not a force to reckoned with, when the Oath King blows the Horn of Gosli all Dwarves able to pick up arms do so. In battle they have been known to never retreat unless Northgan's freedom were to fall with them, because of this Northgan has never been completely captured, by it's enemies. The Dwarven beserkers are feared throughout Entaria for their bloodrage, wearing nothing but a loincloth and sandals they charge in the middle of a battle and swing their dual axes around wildly, when their blades begin to move it is almost impossible to stop them. While not at war Northgan is a very friendly land, merchants that dare to brave the clod winters that last all year are welcome in the mountains the Dwarves call home, many have traveled there to see the great market halls of Northgan and the giant forges that are worked day and night. Northgan is home to many smiths and miners, merchants are also famous in Northgan. If one were looking for a job then they would only need to seek out the nearest forge or mine which are always hiring new hands. Magi are common in some parts of Northgan, the magic the Dwarves use is not the same as other races, by writing runes on rocks a Dwarven Rune Master is able to call down great storms of lightning upon his foes. Th Dwarves cast their magic through Rune Stones and thus many magi are part-time miners so as to acquire some more rune stone to use in their work. Rune stone holds no purpose to the other races of Entaria but to the Dwarves it is like gold to another race. Gold and other valuable minerals are common throughout Northgan and that is why most things are more expensive there then in other Kingdoms.


Most Dwarves of Northgan average around 3 feet tall and muscular, they all have beards of varying lengths, some Dwarves have been known to have beards longer then 6 feet. Their hair ranges from white to black, how long it is is entirely up to the Dwarf. Their skin is darker then most other races and they are known for their tattoos all over their bodies (the warriors that is) that are supposed to put fear into their foes. Though short they are one of the most fearsome races of all Entaria

The Dwarves of Northgan worship Kelgir, god of the forge, Nictar, god of victory, Dwalthrin, god of mountains and Kalos the god of war. They pay respects to the other gods but these four are the most important to them.

Important Figures:

Oath King Grezrin - Current Ruler
Darnoc I – First Oath King of Northgan
Gosli - A great warrior who slew the Encran Goat, a giant monster that was sent to plague Northgan, from it's horn he carved a great double horn that he gave to the King in the early days of the FA. This horn is known as Gosli's Horn or the Horn of Gosli
Noslin - Mastersmith of the FA and maker of the four Crystal Flowers
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