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The Breldians

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:30 pm
The Breldians

Singular: Breldian
Plural: Breldians
Lifespan: 850-1200 years

The Elves of Breldin are not as strong as their western brother but they are more agile. They are widely known through out the land as the finest archer ever, to be honored with a bow of Clavile is the wish of all Breldian archers. The bow of Clavile is a great bow carved from one of the trees in the royal gardens, to be given this bow is to signify your accomplishments as an archer. The bow has a range of over 250 feet and can still pierce armor, it takes about three years to craft to perfection and is not given freely. The Breldians who choose not to be archers mostly become craftsmen or other such things, however some choose to join the Tower Guild. The Tower Guild is home to all mages of Breldin and its headquarters can be found at the great tower on the smallest island of Breldin. As a member of the Guild a Breldian is expected to train everyday to hone to magical abilities to perfection, Elves may spend hundreds of years before the are ready to offer their services to Breldin but when they do it is a great achievement. The ruling king can call upon the Guild to give him advice or assist his armies in battle, but other then that they do what they please as long as the don't break the laws of Breldin or the Guild rules.

Averaging around 6-7 feet tall with long hair ranging from black to silver. Breldians usually have olive green eyes but black, gray and brown are also common. They are fair skinned with pointed ears and narrow faces.

The Elves of Breldin worship no gods but instead believe the world is ruled by Mother Nature and that her wrath is what brings storms and other natural disasters.

Important Figures:
Queen Arvaya - Current Ruler
King Kedos I or Kedos the Believer
King Crasian I or Crasian the Noble
Mitagar – First member of the Tower Guild
Clavile – First one to use a Breldian longbow
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