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Serbamir: The highlands of Entaria

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:22 pm

The Lands of Serbamir have been home to the Serbian clans since time began or so people believe. It has never fallen to another rule in any war of ages past. When the Umprians marched upon Serbamir they were driven back by the fierce warriors who would give up their lives to defend their homes. After their defeat in that war the Umprians allied themselves with the Serbians and then together the two carved themselves an Empire, this however did not last long and fell apart due to mistrust between the two sides. Then Serbians and Umprians were defeated and driven back to their homes. The Serbian then tried to invade Takosh but failed and lost many warriors, in anger the Takoshians retaliated with force and assaulted Serbamir, they were crushed at the battle of Clairs Pass and their current Shogun was slain. The Serbians rejoiced in their victory and until this day haven't tried to take more land.


Serbamir is covered with mountains, canyons, ravines and other natural terrain of the sort. However the grass that can be found is very green and fields have been plowed into the rocky terrain by the inhabitants. There are no cities but villages home to the Clans are scattered here and there throughout the lands. Roads are few and those out there are only dirt which makes traveling through Serbamir hard and dangerous.
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