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Northgan: The Dwarven Mountains

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:21 pm

Northgan lies in the far north-western corner of Entaria, it's long winters and cold summers have made almost impossible for southerners to live there. Since the beginning of the First Age the Dwarves have inhabited Northgan, during the years they built many mountain fortresses and cities that are connected by a network of tunnels, the greatest of which is Khazad Ecrun, built in the largest mountain in all of Entaria, the Fortress of Oaths (Khazad Ecrun is Dwarven for Fortress of Oaths) reach down into the deepest foundations of Entaria, it has four peaks each of which are open to the environment, to deal with this a Dwarf named Noslin crafted the Crystal Flowers, four giant gems (by giant I mean 500ft by 500ft circles)flowers carved into them, each one is made from a different gemstone, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald. After hundreds of years of work they were placed at the mouth of each peak by Dwalthrin, the god of mountains in the year 491 FA. By the year 536 FA the Dwarves had become known for their great Kings or Oath kings as the Dwarves called them, they have led their armies to battle against a larger force and returned victorious. However as time went by another family laid claim to the throne and this started a civil war which lasted from 1521 FA to 12 SA. At the end of the war peace reined over Northgan and has done so up to this day.


Northgan is almost entirely covered in mountain ranges all of which are covered in snow all year long. But the long open valleys are very beautiful during the summer season and are carpeted in green grass. Along the coast it gray and bleak due to the ocean storms, but the Dwarves have built trading cities there despite this.
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