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Freldir: The Inventor Mountains

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:20 pm

Freldir was once part of the Umprian Empire but fell quickly to the Dwarven immigrants after they landed around 235 FA. Then the kingdom of Freldir was established and the Dwarves began to build armies to conquer more land, by 692 FA they controlled what is now modern day Freldir. After many wars they were able to maintain their land for the most part but soon they began to crumble, Umpria soon seized much of Freldir and did not release it until the breaking of the crown in 2137 FA when the king of Freldir demanded that their lands be returned or there would be no alliance. After this the Freldians began to share their inventions with the other races and soon had made themselves popular. However now some wonder if the Freldians have created a weapon to conquer all of Entaria and if this is all their doing, the Freldians have denied these claims and have requested that those who wish to argue with them come to Freldir and fight it out. This ended all arguments concerning Freldir


Freldir is covered in mountains but unlike Northgan there is hardly ever snow, buitl along the mountainsides are great cities that Freldians live in. Along the coast one can fine great open valleys ending at ports and other landmarks built by the Dwarves. Smoke is always rising in Freldir due to the many workshops and smithies.
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