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Cassarn: The Trade Empire

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:20 pm

Cassarn has always been known for their vast trade companies, from the time of King Evron Cassarn has been trading with other kingdoms. They began by supplying Umpria with weapons and armor for their armies, then after seeing what monster they had unleashed upon the world they began to sell weapons and armor to the other kings. Soon Umpria learned of this treachery and began to crush Cassarn, however the other kings took this opportunity to strike at Umpria and thus ended the rein of the first king of Umpria. It was then decided that Cassarn would not take sides in the wars, however the kingdoms still purchased metals and other needed resources from them, this then led to Cassarn being threatened with war if they sold to the other side. Unmoved by these threats the king still allowed the other sides to purchase gods from Cassarn and because of this Cassarn was in almost every war. By the SA Cassarn had stopped selling weapons and armor in bunches to the other kings, this ended their involvement in any wars but the growing distrust has made the other kings beg for more weapons and armor from Cassarn, how King Grathlin will respond is unknown.


Cassarn is mostly flat but there is one or two mountain ranges across Cassarn, the towns are surrounded by massive fields and the mountains dotted with mines. Along the coast there are many hills and forests that supply Cassarn with their lumber. Cassarn is a beautiful land and many nobles seek to own houses there.
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