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Breldin: The Elven Woods

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:19 pm

The kingdom of Breldin started on the islands of the coast of Entaria ruled by Kedos I. Under his rule they prospered and grew. By the year 732 FA Umpreth III of Umpria had completely destroyed their long time enemies the Aroglithians and Kedos II had come to power. Kedos II prepared his armies and watched as Umpria fell apart after Umpreth III threw his life away, upon his death the Breldinian Elves sailed across to Aroglith and conquered much of it for their own. Kedos II made an alliance with Umpria after conquering Aroglith and then turned his attention north, before he could invade Freldir he died of sickness and Kedos III took the throne. Peace took hold of Entaria for many years and Kedos III ruled well, however upon the rise of Thelgir V of Umpria in the year 1879 FA war broke out and Kedos III was slain leading his armies against their one time ally. Crasian I took his uncles throne in the year 1880 FA and fought hard to defend Breldin but the armies of Umpria were unstoppable. Then after almost 200 years of Umpria dominance he and the other kingdom struck with armies they had assembled under the nose of the Umprian. In the war to retake Entaria Crasian I was killed and his son Crasian II took the throne. Crasian II then was present at the council of peace and the breaking of the Crown in the year 2137 FA, he took a piece for Breldin and passed it on to his son upon his death. Crasian III ruled till the year 234 SA when he died form an unknown sickness and was thought to have been murdered, his wife Arvaya took the throne and still rule to this day.


The mainland of Breldin is mostly hills with some mountains to the north, a sprawling carpet of forest cover most of these hills and mountains. On the islands there are great open fields and very few tree so wood is imported from the mainland. Cities in the mainland are built high above the ground in the great trees and can go on for many miles, on the islands the cities are built from stone and are home to some of the best fortresses in all of Entaria.
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