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Umpria: The ever lasting Empire

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:17 pm

Since time began Umpria has existed. By the year 13 of the First Age it had grown to have two cities and five towns under the rule of King Umpreth I, under his rule Umpria had expanded its borders beyond that of any other kingdom. As the years passed it grew through war, however it could not sustain a war forever and by the year 195 FA it had fallen into disarray. Umpreth I did his best to rebuild the economy he had long ignored, by the year 341 FA he had brought Umpria back to its original military power and began to conquer more land. After Umpreth I's death in 351 FA his son Umpreth II took the throne, under his rule Umpria stopped its wars and began to ask for peace from its foes. He died in 687 FA and Umpreth III took the throne. Like his grandfather he took much land and broke every single peace treaty his father had made, with an iron fist he crushed the kingdom of Aroglith (What is now present day Breldin) and then moved north. However in the year 839 FA a great storm scattered his army and left the northern border of Umpria defenseless, the Cassarnians saw this as an advantage and struck hard into the western border of Umpria after Umpreth III moved some troop to the north. With the Cassarians pushing into his western side and the Freldians marching south Umpreth III believed Umpria was doomed and threw himself off of the highest tower in his castle. Upon his death his son Thelgir took the throne, he brought peace to Umpria and its neighbors, this peace lasted until his great great grandson Thelgir V took the throne. Under his rule Umpria conquered most of Entaria and lost most of Entaria, his son Thelgir VI was present at the breaking of the Crown and took a piece for Umpria. Now in the year 449 SA Thelgir VII has died and his son Brenoth has taken thew throne.


The three provinces of Umpria, all that remain of the once great Empire are home to rolling green hills and great forests. The cities in Umpria were made to mirror its armies, they rise high above the ground and are very expansive, in the center of each city is a tower from the top of which one can see for many miles.
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