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RSA 2 - The Frigid Siege

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:21 pm
Excerpt from - An Imperial Soldiers Journal:

It has been snowing all day today. Damn this winter! We have been marching for two days straight, and yet we are in Hyporion, right? We have yet to lay siege to the city of Pyrburg in the south-central part of the nation. It is indeed the largest of all the nation! Most of the soldiers we had brought along brought winter clothing. I myself decided to bring a warm fur cloak and socks. I thank Arkantos that I did such a thing, for I would have ended up like twenty of my other comrades... frozen dead on the ground. Those who have died have been loaded onto oxe carts and are buried at each way point.

These three days have been exhausting. Constant marching, five breaks per day of only a mere 15 minutes. My battalion, the 17th of 100 that are marching right now.. we are doing alright, for now at least. 30,000 men... twenty have perished on the way over here, and how many more? No one knows until you wake up in the morning to find a couple of night guards laying on the ground with a blue face.

The Commander, Major Garnil Freandas, has recently told us that we are mere miles from the city of Pyrburg. We must all warm ourselves before the siege. Pyrburg is a giant city. Walled to about 75 or 100 foot high walls.. all of hard stone possibly 20 feet thick, or so we have been told. We will end up taking our advance on the southern end of the city. We already know it won't be a surprise, as one of the scouts have seen Hyporian rangers lurking ahead of us... they probably already alerted the city.

The biggest thing that we have to worry about now, is reinforcements from the other cities...


As the forces of the Empire drew closer and closer to the city of Pyrburg, Ten Nord horsemen, gilded in steel scale armor, rode into the city in a great haste. All carried long spears and shortswords by their sides. They dismounted in the middle of the city. The civilians had long been cleared out. The people who remained all were Hyporion's soldiers. They looked to the horse-riders for new information concerning the Imperial advance. The leader of the horsemen, a Glenn Hrothar took off his helm and looked to the soldiers with a grave face.

"A force, of grand proportions.. supposed to be around 27,000 strong advance upon this very city. They are well armed, well equipped, and look to be well trained. The city currently houses only 18,000 soldiers... which is in itself a great number. I fear for the city because they bring siege equipment. Therefore, these are my orders. Guard the battlements, wait out the siege when it doth come! Wait it out for a couple of days if possible. We will receive reinforcements from Merras within four days. I have already sent out messengers on our behalf. At the rate that the Imperials are traveling, I would not doubt that they will be here and laying siege at nightfall. Prepare thy-selves for battle, for it hath come!" Glenn said to the soldiers that all were gathered around him.

Currently, by the light of the sun, it was around 4:00 PM in the noon. It would only take the New Temperians four more hours, and battle would begin.
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