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Deitmar Murchadh

on Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:52 pm
.Main Character Name: Deitmar Murchadh

.Race: Dwarf

.Equipment Carried: Traveler's sling bag, medical supplies, map, compass, scrolls, ink and quell; rations and canteens of water.

.Appearance: A middle-aged dwarf with a long, grey beard and Dark brown hair. He has Green eyes and a tan skin colour. Tall and muscular.

.Personality: Quiet and decisive, he has a serious and stubborn mind.

.Weapon(s) and Armor: Chu Ko Nu, Zercalo Mih Feod, Dao, Capeline Helmet, Tasset

.History: Deitmar was born a natural explorer, always eager to find new places and see new things. Unlike other dwarves, his passion was exploring instead of mining and the dwarven norm. As he grew, he learned only by his expeditions beyond his small little village. Soon he was old enough to travel on his own - and that he did. He studied politics, gathered some supporters of his voyage, and bought his own boat. Months went by until they found the island in all its glory. He was pronounced leader of the new colony since he lead the voyage.
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Re: Deitmar Murchadh

on Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:46 pm
Very good.

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